Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: It was called to my attention that a technical error caused a repeat RTG. Heads will roll over this 
  • Fort Worth news. (This happened to a kid in Wise County in the Rhome area a few years back. But I don't know why a Google search of "Impaled Rhome Texas" doesn't bring it up.)
  • "No, despite there being an actual law saying I have to turn of Trump's tax returns, I'm not going to do it because his newly appointed Attorney General, who seems like Trump's really good buddy who doesn't care about things like pesky laws, told me not to."  Is Trump just daring them to impeach him? (That might actually be the plan since he can't be convicted in the Senate, and he loves playing the "victim.")
  • Yep.
  • Another thing if minimum DWI fines become at least $3,000 (see post from yesterday): You'll see trials go through the roof. It suddenly becomes clear that the punishment after the trial isn't really any different than by a plea bargain. 
  • Trump gave Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom yesterday. He's a golfer. He cheated on his wife with a ton of women. He's abused prescription medication. And he's a punch line for:  "Huge. Quickly." Yet somehow Trump thought he should be honored as a person who has made "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors."
  • Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, reported to prison yesterday. This photo makes it look like he's going to a resort in the Hamptons. 
  • I'd never heard of it. 
  • A former bartender in Plano was charged with a crime for providing the gun alcohol to a guy who went on to kill eight people in a shooting spree.  I've seen many a Providing Alcohol to a Minor cases but never one under the law for negligently serving an "habitual drunkard or an intoxicated or insane person." The "crime" happens all the time, but no one one is ever charged.
  • "How the alligator got into her yoga pants I'll never know."
  • Heard this morning that the Dallas Stars are averaging a 3.3 rating in the DFW market compared to St. Louis where they are pulling in an 11.5 in this playoff hockey series.  By comparison, the Cowboys dismal 2017 season ended with a 6-0 win against Philadelphia where ratings "plummeted" to a 23.6 share. 
  • Nothing is a suspicious as the stepfather's story regarding the missing girl in Houston.  This will not end well. 
  • There's nothing like going to a legal seminar and eaves-dropping on other people. Some people are brilliant. Others shouldn't have a license.