Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I got an email from a faithful reader who told me about the guy involved in case out of Denton that is making the news. It's a perfect example of a bright guy who just descended into madness due to mental issues. He was fifth in his high school class and had a scholarship to UNT.  But we'll just simplify the issue, call him "evil", and put him in a cage. 
  • I think it was about 10 years ago that I wrote that government jobs had become better than private sector jobs. The Drudge Report featured this article yesterday from a conservative web site written by a guy who did some number crunching.
  • From the latest issue of Texas Highways. (It proclaims Decatur has nine stoplights. That gets tricky because the big intersections on 287 could be considered four, two or just one stoplight. I'm not sure how they got to nine.)
  • Random Trivia prompted by the news of the newest member of the Royal Family had been named Archie.  The lead singer of the cartoon band The Archies (which had a #1 hit named Sugar, Sugar) sang back up vocals for Barry Manilow on Mandy
  • Two nights ago, while I had control of the TV remote for my standard 10 minutes a night, I decide to find the Texas House deliberations because I live a full throttle life. The Sophomore in The House saw the oddity on the screen but asked, "What are they debating?" I told her "red light cameras" which immediately got her interest since she was just the victim of one. "The bad part," I said, "is that they hate the guy who is trying to get rid of them." The bill passed, and now I see this headline:
  • Speaking of the Texas House, last night Democrats all but killed a bill preventing cops from arresting you for Class C offenses (punishable by fine only.) They truly had no idea what they were doing. (Sandra Bland was arrested for a Class C offense.)
  • Speaking of Sandra Bland, the NBC affiliate in Austin had her cell phone video 19 months ago and did nothing with it. 
  • America.
  • Is this true?
  • In just 24 hours, (1) AG William Barr was held in contempt by House Judiciary Committee, (2) Trump Jr. was subpoenaed by Republican led Senate Intelligence Committee regarding his prior testimony about his Russian contacts, and (3) Executive Privilege was invoked so even Congress can't see the entire Mueller report.  
  • A White Sox Cubs fan was banned indefinitely for being a White Power hand gesture fan. 
  • Maybe we need to rethink that "We don't want that California mentality in Texas." Perhaps they'll fit right in. 
  • I've never understood the fascination with Star Wars, but noticed that a marathon was on last weekend. I thought I'd give it a second chance. Nope. And at the end Darth Vadar got in one of those little space ships to try to shoot Luke's craft? Really? That's as dumb as the president getting in a fighter jet in Independence Day.