Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • An odd story with little facts: "A man was pronounced dead after jumping into the fountain in front of Dallas City Hall late Friday night." They are about a foot deep, right? Did he go in head first?
  • Want to see a shocking slow motion punch from a boxing match I didn't care about on Saturday night where is looks like the guy's head was literally going to explode? Howard Cosell was right when he said, “I don’t want to be a party to the sleaziness.”
  • The abduction of the girl in Fort Worth and her quick recovery was amazing. And the Smith County DA will take heat this week for dismissing an unrelated sexual assault charge against the guy last year. (But he probably shouldn't: The alleged victim had a history of prostitution, had outstanding warrants, filed an affidavit of non-prosecution, and then presumably left the state.) Here's a street view of the area where the abduction occurred:
  • I really don't know anything about that area: In between I-35 and TCU and north of Berry. 
  • I've said it before: One of the most dangerous things to do is commuting in the metroplex. People went nuts again this morning: 
  • I had a buddy go to Cuba over the weekend. Look at these random cars he took pics of which are apparently commonplace down there. (He took a bunch of other pictures that I would link to, but his Twitter account is locked because he's some kind of silk suited lawyer in a big city.) 

  • Someone drop kicked 71 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger at an event and he barely budged. 
    Incoming from the left.
  • I don't think that even Trump is dumb enough to pardon the Navy Seal, Edward Gallagher, like everyone thinks he will. (That is, assuming the case isn't screwed up by prosecutors spying on the defense team.)  His fellow Seals turned him in and appear to have credibly accused him of: 
    • Stabbing a teenage prisoner and "later took photos of himself with the corpse, holding up his knife in one hand and the boy’s head in the other."
    • Randomly shooting an elderly man who was just carrying water. 
    • Randomly shooting a female child who was walking with other girls along a riverbank. drop.
  • I heard of BTS for the first time this weekend.  I actually had to Google them once I saw he/they/it were doing something at MetLife Stadium. I don't feel bad about myself for this lack of awareness.
  • I've never seen The Americans so I watched the pilot on Saturday. Pretty, pretty good. And watching the series after we've now all learned how much the  Russians are actually involved in covert activities might make it even better for me.
  • Trump (1) Is mad at State TV for giving time to a Democrat, (2) Mike Wallace is dead, (3) It's Alfred E. Neuman not "Newman", and (4) Doesn't understand that Alfred E. Neuman was cool. 
  • Random sports thought: Man, college softball pitchers throw a lot of pitches. For example, UT's Miranda Elish pitched two complete games on Saturday (one went to extra innings) and two complete games on Sunday. Number of pitches thrown: 429. She won every one.
  • Hey, I'm not a fan of those lawyer commercial for drug litigation, but a bill just passed by the Texas legislature which prevents these ads from using certain phrases such as “medical alert,” “public service announcement” or “drug alert” will be DOA in the courts. Government can't regulate speech that way.
  • After reading the Update, a Google search of "MK23 marker round" sure didn't turn up many results. 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold