Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Here's my every-two-year-at-this-time reminder: In Texas, a bill becomes law even if the governor doesn't sign it. (He just has 10 days to veto it or it automatically goes into effect.) So when you see Abbott bringing in the cameras to "sign a bill", he's doing it for show only. 
  • How government officials don't know the limits of government is amazing. Hey, Dallas City Council, you can destroy the statute if you want, but you cannot regulate what a person does with the statute like this once they purchase it. Displaying a statue is protected speech.
  • I told you Trump was acting weird yesterday, and the then he "walked out" of a meeting into the Rose Garden to announce he would no longer do his job. (He will always be associated with Russia because he won't stop mentioning Russia.)
  • But Trump did give us a Nixon moment with "I don't do cover-ups!" Uh, sir, let me hand you what has been marked as Exhibit A:
  • The head of the Civil Division of the Tarrant County District Attorney's office announced he will quit. He's not the first one
  • We had another child abduction case yesterday. People are referring to this as child-trafficking related and that's probably right, but I would think that 98%+ of trafficking involves runaways.
  • The Colonial begins today. In related news, I'll raise my hand to this:
  • I don't know who this guy is but I do know two things: (1) Never trust any lawyer who uses "Esquire", and (2) He has no idea how an amortization schedule works. 
  • He is referring to Texas Rep. Donna Campbell in the following tweet as the legislature was debating a medical marijuana bill. I'd like to she that "study." There is no way it exists.
  • In other marijuana news, I've said it before: This is like arresting a convenience store clerk in a dry county for selling mouthwash because it has alcohol in it.
  • Look what Trump just called his former Secretary of State, CEO of Exxon, graduate of UT, and Eagle Scout:
  • Stickland is a goofball, but he did lead the charge to kill red light cameras this session . . .