Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County close neighbor Kenneth Copeland was ambushed by an Inside Edition reporter about his private jets and lavish lifestyles. It was tense at times, but he talked to her for 10 minutes.
  • The McKinney Chamber of Commerce can't be pleased. 
    Yesterday - Unlucky homeowner.
    From a year and a half ago after mid-air crash over the town.

    The other plane from that mid-air crash.

  • A brief was filed yesterday in a murder case pending at the Fort Worth Court of Appeals claiming that a juror was disqualified because she failed to disclose that her daughter was "Samantha Jordan [who] serves as the public relations spokesperson" for the Tarrant County D.A.'s office.  I don't know if the appeal will go anywhere. The complaint was that she answered "no" to these two written questions:
  • This is Socialism, right? Isn't this bad and will lead to anarchy in the streets?
  • Trump showed more and more signs of instability yesterday as he appeared before the press with a couple of farmers as props, and then gave us gold:
    • First, we had a true The Emperor Has No Clothes moment when out of the blue, in order to prove he didn't act crazy in the Infrastructure meeting, he called upon those pillars of truthfulness, Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders, to tell the press how calm he was.
      "OK, as long as we've got a voucher"
    • Second, he actually announced (again!) that he's "an extremely stable genius."
  • I think the scandal is that you never hear about him actually working (and I'm not sure what prompted a story on Rick Perry by CNN this morning):
  • UT's Tom Herman got a two-year extension on his contract after going 17-10 to start his coaching term in Austin.  Some of the Evil Empire's social media accounts need to tap the brakes. The length of a contract never means that someone will "be around" in college football (other than checks being written.) 
  • The term "Fake News" was created because of things like this: A  doctored video of Nancy Pelosi appearing drunk while giving a recent speech is going viral. The last time I checked, it had been viewed almost three million times in three days. It gained traction because it was tweeted out (and then deleted) by Trump's lawyer. These are strange days.
  • Fort Worth lawyer Mimi Coffey has caught a lot of heat over the years for her billboards, but I didn't know she had four children who have now graduated from Brewer High who are either valedictorian or salutatorian.  That's beyond impressive. 
  • That was one bizarre half inning yesterday at the Big 12 Baseball Tourney: 3 HRs, 2 triples, 2 doubles, 4 singles. 
  • I don't understand this school funding/property tax announcement. You can't decrease the latter and increase the former. Something's not right.
  • Author Naomi Wolf will have a bad day today.