Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I will never understand people going to an "eSports" event. (They had something in Allen in this weekend that brought in a massive crowd.)
  • This poor guy, who had in his profile that he was a law student, got crushed online for this. He deleted his Twitter account in response. Everyone's an expert.
  • The Baylor's women basketball team will be at the White House today. The Virginia men's championship team declined to go.
  • #RantComing
  • On Friday, Trump tried to defend his "very fine people" remark supporting neo-Nazis in Charlottesville by praising Robert E. Lee as a "great general". Once you get past using a traitor against the United States as a role model and a defense, would someone please tell me who these "fine people" were? The event in Charlottesville was a white supremacist rally of the Unite the Right organized by Richard Spencer.  A woman was murdered by a white supremacist there. (Even far right conservative Bill Kristol says Trump's remarks back then are indefensible.)
  • Oh, he was just defending history buffs, you say? After all, Trump said in his second remarks (he didn't like his first ones because "It takes a little while to get the facts"): "You take a look, the night before, they were there to protest the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee." Uh, those people who were there the night before were marching on the UVA campus chanting "Jews will not replace us". 
  • And to make all of this worse, after Trump's remarks on Friday we have a shooting at a synagogue near San Diego on Saturday where a Christian targeted Jews causing the death of one. 
  • But lets not stop there. With all of the controversy swirling, Trump decides it would be a good idea to praise the second pick of the NFL draft (who just happens to be white) and didn't even mention the first player chosen (who just happens to be black).  Tell me the last time the president praised only the second pick?  He knows how to send messages. 
  • #MyRantOver
  • Remember that college players aren't paid and then they are subjected to a non-negotiable  mandatory five year salary scale after being "drafted" by the NFL.
  • Speaking of the NFL draft, the Cowboys first pick wasn't even a starter at UCF? And they took two running backs -- one who wasn't a starter?
  • Another NFL mystery which makes me think I know nothing about football: UT's Lil'Jordan Humphrey forfeited his senior year and wasn't even drafted. (50 players, underclassmen as well as those who could have played an extra year, went undrafted. Tech, Aggie and North Texas (!?) were also on the list.)
  • The NRA had a banner weekend: It's president, Oliver North, was forced out after accusing the organization of misappropriating funds (the irony is dripping) on the same day that a female Russian spy was sentenced to prison for conspiring with a Russian official to infiltrate the NRA and other conservative groups. But Trump was there to support them. 

  • "A young boy in Bowie, circa 1900."
  • How do you score this?: Runner at first. Runner at third. One out. Batter hits a home run. By accident, the batter briefly passes the runner who had been first. Answer: The batter gets credit for a single and two RBIs but is called out on the base paths. That's right, he doesn't score on his own home run. (It happened Friday night in White Sox/Tigers.)
  • The White House tweeted out this photo for the First Lady's birthday. That's weird. She's disinterested in the photo and was not even the subject of the photographers.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold