Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a campus shooting by a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte yesterday that left two people dead and four injured. It's so commonplace these days that you'll be forgiven if you didn't even know it happened.
  • There was a reported tornado in Denton late yesterday. There were no reported injuries, but that was one massive root system that didn't do its job.
  • I like Fox 4's Dan Henry, but he didn't know the name of highway 114 as he was showing the storm on the radar as it moved through the area of the Speedway around 6:00 yesterday. The tornado warning caused him to focus on that area for about 10 minutes, and you could tell he was frustrated that it wasn't labeled.
  • I think I had already forgotten that former NFL great Tommy Maddox is the baseball coach at Decatur High School.
  • More militarization of the police. This is ridiculous, and the video doesn't help their cause. And I love this additional description (for many reasons) by  Fort Worth Police Lt. Todd Plowman: "If we have a natural disaster or something and we had to move debris, trees, broken buildings or cars out of the way in a natural disaster, it can always be used for stuff like that too.” 
    It's like Wall-E on steroids.
  • In Texas, if the government kills you, be prepared to say a few words beforehand if you want them reported. Writing it down will no longer cut it.  (All of this is in response to the execution last week where the inmate gave a written statement which said:  “Capital punishment: them without the capital get the punishment.”) So in the future the condemned can say it, just not write it. Odd.)
  • Hot entertainment opinion: Perhaps Game of Thrones would have been better without the White Walkers/Night King subplot to begin with. Did we really need zombies?
  • Noteworthy arrest from the Wise County Jail list of a Rhome resident a couple of days ago on a warrant out of Okaloosa County, Florida: "Computer Pornography Prohibited Computer Usage Traveling To Meet Minor." I wonder if Florida authorities traveled all the way here or just contacted local law enforcement. 
  • This is the oddest recusal Order by a federal judge I've ever seen. I don't know what I think about it because he could have just written, "The Motion for Recusal is granted." (Other than legal nerds, you might be interested if you've have had difficulty getting an insurance company to pay for certain cancer treatment.)
  • There was at least one photo of the Baylor team in the Oval Office which accurately represented the state of affairs. Every one of their faces tells a story.
  • Licensed in November, 2016. Tough break. Hot employment opinion: Assuming the case against him is legitimate, let the guy keep his job and have him agree to a punishment which is slightly higher than the "standard offer" for the office. From then on, he would be in a perfect position to even negotiate on DWI cases because he could say, "I didn't get a reduction. I didn't get special treatment. I was humiliated because it was my own fault, but I was treated fairly. That's the way we do business in this office." 
  • An interracial gay couple love the Cowboys so much that they bought their home close to the stadium and decorated the place in silver and blue. This is disgusting. No one should ever care about a professional team this much.
  • I have no idea what is going on in the case of the Machete Killing of the Jogger in Dallas. The defendant is a former Aggie wide receiver who oddly went "missing" 10 games into his freshman year and has no criminal history. After the killing, which is about as horrific and bizarre as you will ever see, he stopped someone else nearby and asked for their cell phone to call 911 and then led people to the body. It just doesn't make sense. But there was no insanity defense as the guy was quickly convicted after a trial that barely lasted over one day, and the punishment phase is already over with the jury now deliberating his fate.  The best I can tell, just one "doctor" testified in the guy's defense. 
  • Not your typical legal issue: When you heard about the deaths of David Carradine or INXS's Michael Hutchence or were watching the beginning of one particular episode of Six Feet Under, did you every consider the legal ramifications of whether a life insurance policy would kick in? The Seventh Circuit, with a dissent, just said yes. This now makes it a split of authority in the federal appellate courts which means it is worthy of Supreme Court review. Now that would be entertaining. 
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