Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • We've got a new DA in Waco, but the old one's legacy continues: "McLennan County prosecutors have dismissed a child sexual assault case after discovering that they indicted the wrong man [last year]."  The prosecutor, who also handled the controversial Baylor frat guy's reduced charge in a sexual assault case, passed the buck by blaming a paralegal. That tells me all I need to know about her. 
  • I'm not sure why someone posted a picture of the Federal Fifth Circuit Appeals Court in Houston yesterday, but I had never seen it. That is one spare courtroom for having such a lofty title. (This isn't their primary courtroom -- it's in New Orleans -- but still.)
  • Trump didn't do that bad in the State of the Union. Of course, his bar is lower than anyone else. It's basically: Don't embarrass the country. He managed not to do that by sticking to a script.
    "Good job. Good effort"
  • It's no big deal, but Trump either forgot or intentionally broke with tradition last night. Every President always gets introduced by the Sergeant at Arms and then walks to the podium shaking hands while everyone applauds. Once at the podium, the crowd quiets, and the Speaker of the House formally introduces him and we all get beaten down as the applause begins all over again. Last night, Trump just started talking without waiting for the introduction. 
  • Trump invited the kid to the SOTU who, because he has the same last name, has been bullied. But, unless I missed it, he was not introduced as a human prop like others.  And the kid also did not appear to be impressed. (I'm not going to mention the irony that Trump loves to bully people by giving them nicknames.)

  • "Tryouts begin for the Texettes, the mostly forgotten ushers and attendants that were a part of the Dallas Cowboys’ organization. WFAA Collection. July 1975." Quick loading clip here where the cameraman occasionally pans down to see their legs before #MeToo. (Bonus footage at the beginning of Staubach being flushed out of the pocket that looks really cool from the end zone.)
  • When I first saw this I was skeptical, but the facts in the story are shocking. And as a callback to yesterday: The Plaintiff's lawyer is with Tony Buzbee's law firm.
  • Random college football I was not aware of in the not so distant future. UT and Alabama will have a home and home starting in 2022. I'll give the Evil Empire credit, they are under no obligation to do that. 
  • In 1994, Texas changed its parole laws to make them significantly more strict for offenses committed from that time forward. And we are now seeing the results with an aging prison population: 
  • I don't know anything about the NBA or John Wall, but I did hear that the guy, who was already out for the year for injury, will now miss all of next year because he fell in his home and blew out his Achilles. Here is his upcoming guaranteed salary:
  •  Nixon and Trump have another thing in common: They both said during the State of the Union that their investigations should stop.
  • The "designated survivor" for the country, in case everyone died last night, was Rick Perry.
  • Here is Sean Spicer drunk on BlazeTV after the State of the Union. 
  • "America will never be a socialist country." - Trump with applause from everyone. That reminded me I'll soon get a letter delivered by a government employee who drove over public roads, and in that letter I'll learn when my Medicare and social security income will kick in. But I may get the Kid in the House who attends public schools go get it, and I'm not worried about her safety because of public police. 
  • The Patriots have bits:
  • Speaking of, the Patriots had their parade yesterday. Here is tight end Rob Gronkowski sexually assaulting an SI swimsuit model. 
  • Bases in baseball and softball should be shaped like a stop sign so that runners advancing more than one base will have a side to brace their foot against as they round the base. Think about it. 
  • Fox Business: "Who can we get on the air who is an expert on health care?" Staff: "I know just the person! Not only is he folksy, but he kind of specializes in healthcare after you're dead."
  • It's (the second) National Signing Day for college football and Miami kicked it off yesterday, due to the time difference, by signing this . . . uh . . . kid from Australia.
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