Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Had someone at the courthouse tell me they were just talking to someone about a product and ads started showing up on the Internet for it. Believable? He pointed out that he had his phone with him at the time of the conversation.   He then demonstrated that his screen can be blank, his phone be in the equivalent of sleep-mode, but if he asks Siri a question it wakes up and responds. So isn't the phone listening all the time? 
  • Lots of of people online were dogging illegal aliens crossing the border after seeing the following news. She was accidentally killed by a passing motorist on a traffic stop. In Abilene.
  • Black History Month got off to a crazy start when it was revealed on Friday that the Governor of Virginia's medical school yearbook page had the photo below on the page dedicated to him. On Friday he apologized by saying "I am deeply sorry for the decision I made to appear as I did in this photo."  (He didn't say if he was black-face-guy or Klan-guy). Then he did a 180 on Saturday saying it wasn't him. How is he so sure now? He spent Friday night thinking about it and was able to remember when he was in black face as Michael Jackson in San Antonio around that same time, so he knows he remembers those sort of things. My head is spinning. (Buddy, just resign.) 
  • And when asked at the news conference about the Michael Jackson incident and whether he could still moonwalk, he almost did it on on stage until his wife told him it would be inappropriate. Watch the moment.  
  • I saw a commercial for the Jeff Foxworthy brand of furniture at Nebraska Furniture Mart, and I've never been so confused. 
  • "If you do something nice, thou shalt publicize it for all to see." Social Media Bible, Chapter 1. Verse 1. 
  • Don't discount him. Remember when we all laughed when he wrote a book saying steroids were rampant in baseball and we mocked him?
  • See how this works: Robert Jeffress uses the power of FBC Dallas to get Huckabee to the church who spent his time plugging his book, and now Huckabee invites Jeffress on his TV show so Jeffress can plug his own book. Modern day money-changers.
  • This guy looks like the G.I. Joe I had as a kid.
  • Eleven unanswered questions in the botched Houston police raid that left two people dead. If you are following that case, I question whether there was an undercover buy by the CI at all in order to justify the search warrant.
  • Any chance anyone in the House invites Stormy Daniels to the State of the Union tomorrow?
  • Random Super Bowl commercial thoughts: (1) I learned Andy Warhol ate a hamburger upside down back in the day -- something  Mrs. LL, oddly, does as well, (2) The NFL 100 commercial was great -- especially the re-creation of the Immaculate Reception -- but who was the girl?, (3) I learned about ASMR because of a beer commercial. (The Sophomore In The House had to explain to us that ASMR was an "internet sensation" and "really, really annoying".)
  • Uh, that's basically the way the NFL draft order works. (Not to mention those great free enterprise concepts of "revenue sharing" and "salary cap".)
  • The Denton County Sheriff is now on Twitter, and apparently feels unloved. (Cue Maroon 5.)

  • "A [new] Harris County judge is under investigation by Houston police for allegedly assaulting the legal assistant of a defense attorney in his courtroom."