Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The boys on the morning show on the Ticket went to the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta and told about this: They found the "lunch counter simulation" exhibit and followed the instructions below. They got hear a crowd taunt them. Oh, my. And get this: Your chair will randomly vibrate to simulate it being kicked from behind. Double, oh my!
  • I appreciate anyone walking away from that job but most of his press release was self-aggrandizing . However, I did relate to this: “Much has changed in the past quarter century. Society has changed. My profession has changed. I have changed."
  • This "voter fraud" scare that the Republicans at the top of government in Texas trying to pull off is turning into a bigger fraud than the B.S. they are peddling.  I hope the Messenger continues to follow as Wise County tries to verify how many, if any, non-citizens are on the voter roll per the State's revised list. (The State's "initial list" turned out to be riddled with errors and was completely wrong in Waco.)
  • Good grief, Baylor. We don't know much about this from the story, but this line is confusing because of the plural "individuals": "The reports involved the same individuals and are believed to be connected . . . . "  In any event, what's going on down there?
  • I don't run in half marathons any longer, but I still get emails inviting me. Yesterday I noticed that the price for the Cowtown race was now $120. Boys, that's getting really pricey.
  • Right before the following Tweet he told the press his "Intel team" had been "misquoted." They were broadcast live and unedited you dolt!  Every day that quote from 1984 becomes more and more prophetic: "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."
    No way they "told" him that. 
  • The lone remaining misdemeanor case in Tarrant County this week ended in a mistrial. So they had five trials in misdemeanor courts and zero convictions. 
  •  Here's a headline that got my attention until I found out it wasn't Bridgeport, Texas. It did, however, involve a Texas man. (And how about that "Hardest-Working Paper" motto? This was tailor made for me. )
  • Nutcase Roger Stone gave a press conference broadcast exclusively by conspiracy crazed InfoWars yesterday. Yep, InfoWars. (And it was interesting that Mueller filed a court pleading that said his office seized  "multiple hard drives containing several terabytes of information" from Stone. Terabytes? That ain't Word documents and emails. That's a ton of audio and video.)
  • One more Stone note: It's bizarre the law-and-order Republicans in Washington or upset at the FBI for the way Stone was arrested. In that regard, this is funny:

    Stone with a press conference yesterday
    broadcast exclusively the crazed Infowars 
  • Here's New York media's reaction to the trade that sent some white guy with a blown Achilles who is supposed to be really good to Dallas (and that's my extent of knowledge about the NBA):