Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The story behind the shooting wounding/injuring of five officers in Houston is getting weird. It happened during a "drug raid" and so far we've got (1) a man and woman in the house who were married for 21 years are now dead, (2) neither had a criminal history, (3) he was a veteran, (4) the cops busted through the door and shot the couple's dog, (5) it was a search warrant and not an arrest warrant, and (6) the warrant was for heroin and no heroin was found.  
These appear to be drivers license photos
since Houston PD didn't have mugshots.
  • The news yesterday about the Las Vegas Strip shootings seems to bug a lot of people. Not me. Charles Whitman in the UT Tower didn't have a reason either. And it really doesn't matter.
  • But Fox News used it to dog the FBI again yesterday. It is very confusing how a network can be pro-Trump and anti-law enforcement and still be the beloved by the far right. 
  • I'm was skeptical about the MAGA reference in this story when I first saw it, and it turned out not to be true. It's OK to be skeptical from the get-go about TMZ and quite another to be skeptical about the New York Times and Washington Post. 
  • I can't get past how Idiocracy it sounds for weatherman to use the "feels like" temperature instead of the "wind chill" temperature. Can the public not understand wind chill?
  • Speaking of the movie, Mrs. LL turned over to some new Ellen DeGeneres game show last night which made me immediately say, "This ain't Jeopardy" followed by the question of, "Why are the contestants spinning around in chairs before they answer?" To the latter she simply said, "Idiocracy."
  • I saw this . . . 
  •  . . . and then laughed (and verified) when I read this: 
  • This isn't a bad theory: No one knows what Trump is talking about when he goes on his immigration rants and references found prayer rugs, women duct taped, and them having far better cars than the border agents. And then you see the movie Sicario and find it has all three.
  • The Starbucks Guy making the political rounds is saying a lot of dumb things. What's a "free job?"
  • Illiterate Trump tweet of the morning. 
  • This technology is going to make the future bizarre: Here is a Jennifer Lawrence press conference where a Steve Buscemi face has been flawlessly super imposed. Watch it. You literally cannot tell that it is fake. This is all cute and funny until you realize we will have fake videos of anyone saying anything (a president, a mayor, a friend), and we will need someone we believe to tell us it is not real. Or, conversely, there will be people who won't believe any video/audio. (I think BagofNothing once posted a video where audio had been flawlessly changed of Obama and the tech behind it.) Heck, just google "deepfakes".
  • And to think I grew up at a time when technology was so advanced that TV would just "shut down" at night because of lack of content.
  • I don't know why the Update led with a story about Wise County attempting to verify the eligibility 56 voters as requested by the Secretary of State without referencing that originally the state mislead Wise County and other counties about the numbers (in order to grab headlines.) Wise County was initially told last week the number was 77. This "error"/"lie" by the Secretary of State is the top headline in many papers today. (See below.)
  • Messenger: Above The Fold