Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Five people were murdered in a Florida bank yesterday afternoon and it barely made the news. I'm pretty sure the killer is a Mexican who illegally crossed the border around Presidio.
    Not a Mexican who crossed around Presidio.
  • I missed the news that Ken Paxton was going to solve the opiod crisis in Texas by . . . wait for it . . . creating a website. The home page begins resolving the problem by simply telling people to turn in their prescription medication. How have we not thought of this?
  • I've got a buddy in Houston who also believes its a scam when stations report Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays are the "busiest travel days of the year." (As you recall, I disproved those claims with amazing number crunching last November.) In any event, he sent this photo from Houston this morning calling into question the reporting of long TSA lines because of the shutdown. 
  • I don't want to try and one up this great theologian, but I'm pretty sure we can all agree that the Bible exists. 
  • Maybe there is hope after all. FBC of Dallas doesn't even respect Jeffress enough to spell his name correctly.

  • The Texas Lawyer had a story yesterday about over-billing by big law firms. This part was truly "fake news."  Over-billing by big firms is neither "inadvertent" nor "rare". 
  • Trump had a weird episode of backing down yesterday. He wrote Nancy Pelosi that he would be giving the State of the Union in the House, and she wrote back and said no he wouldn't. Just as everyone was getting their popcorn ready,  he tweeted that it was her "prerogative" and he'd give the address once the government had reopened. (And he added he would give a "great" address -- his quotation marks, not mine.  I don't think he understands the difference between quotes and italics.)
  • But man, it was fun for those brief hours where we thought Trump would literally storm the House for the State of the Union address.
  • The Ecstasy Ewok allegedly had an incident in Vegas.

  • Trump was watching Fox and Friends this morning which prompted him to promote a "new book" which actually came out two years ago. (And remember, he doesn't read books. He hears about books.)
  • I have finished the 17 hour documentary on Vietnam. I loved it. And I feel like I should now be tested and receive college credit. 
  • What?
  • Trophy Club fire about 30 minutes ago:
  • The Star-Telegram has a story today about how Rick Perry is "thriving" as head of the Department of Energy by keeping a low-profile. Heck, he's basically retired. He earns $189,600 with every perk and benefit imaginable, and no one seems to care if he does a thing. (And do you seriously think he's properly overseeing 13,000 employees and 93,000 contract employees in a department he doesn't understand? You think that budget of $28 billion of your tax dollars is being properly used? What a waste.)