Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • BOMBSHELL BREAKING NEWS: Roger Stone was arrested early this morning. He's a link between Trump ("I love Wikileaks!" and “Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing”) and Julian Assange and Russia hacking. Here's the very fact heavy indictment (including a reference to The Godfather: Part II.) The name "Trump Campaign" is mentioned 28 times. 
    • Remember when Al Gore's campaign received a videotape of George W. preparing for an upcoming debate so the campaign turned it over to the FBI? Uh, that didn't happen here. 
      Who did the directing?
    • Wow. That October 7th release by Wikileaks came immediately after the "Grab 'em by" story broke. The Trump campaign tells Stone "well done".
    • Trump hasn't tweeted this morning, and I suspect someone has finally wrestled the phone from his hands. She's up early:
    • Last month I mentioned how great the Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone was. I'm guessing it's about to get a lot more popular.
    • Stone at Trump's inauguration:
    • If you want to see Stone say a while back, "Oh, my God, I'm busted drinking Russian vodka! Mueller, arrest me! Libtards!" go here
    • And the morning gets a little more bizarre when you find out that a former eccentric NFL receiver lives by Roger Stone and saw it all go down this morning. 
  • When I first heard that Florida's Secretary of State had to resign yesterday because of photos appearing from 15 years ago where he wore black face, I thought there should be some type of statute of limitations. Then I saw he was mocking a hurricane Katrina victim. See ya.
  • Dave Campbell's Texas Football has a bucket list of high school stadiums.  Here's one from El Paso:
  • Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick retaliated against West Texas state senator Kel Seliger by pulling him off the chairmanship of the Agricultural Committee because Seliger said that one of Patrick's aide's could kiss his "back end." Don't worry, Patrick is praying for him: 
  • Law school passage rates for 2015 graduates who passed the bar within two years. If that's truly Baylor's tuition, things have gotten out of control down there. (Thanks, Tim.) 

  • Man, take a look at the temperatures next week in upper Midwest. They are insane. By Thursday, the actual lows are predicted to be around -25 in Minneapolis and -15 in Chicago.
  • Who would have thought that the Commerce Secretary believes that unpaid federal employees should get a "loan" for groceries, and that Trump tried to clarify by saying that grocery stores will "work" with those unpaid folks. 
  • Did you know Texas will send you a Texas map for free with free shipping? I ordered one to see if it works.