Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a lady up on the third floor of the courthouse (who shall remained nameless but sits at a desk right outside the County Attorney's office) who swore last week that the NFL games were pre-determined by the refs, I can't wait to talk to her this week. 
  • Fox and Friends had to apologize for this graphic this morning. 
  • This kid in the MAGA cap became famous over the weekend. In front of the Lincoln Memorial, he smirked in the face of a Vietnam vet for about two minutes while his buddies joined in with a mocking American-Indian chant in the background. (What was more amazing were the MAGAs who defended him to their core because the Vet slowly walked up to him.) There is no way that kid is nothing other than a privileged little punk from a private school. We've all seen that smirk before. (He issued a three page statement where he never apologized and said that he was actually saying a "silent prayer" during the incident) 
  • You've got to love that his school mascot is the "Colonels" and it sits at 1600 Dixie Highway
  • On Friday, this guy got six months in the slammer by a London court. It's never a good idea to get on a flight carrying a liter of Bacardi.
  • I saw an article where Waco might be the new hotbed for patent litigation because of a recent Supreme Court ruling changing venue rules. That's not that interesting but this is: One out of state patent firm has decided to open an office in Waco and you'll never believe who they hired -- The ex-DA who is responsible for Twin Peaks Biker Fiasco. 
  • I watched the Netflix documentary on the Fyre Festival. Two thumbs up.
  • This Houston lawyer really disgusted me with this self-promotion campaign for last weekend's Houston Marathon.  It's a stupid idea and a stupid concept. You know how many posts I saw on Twitter of runners who stopped to take a picture with his hashtag: ZERO.
  • UT is letting Matthew McConaughey in the basketball huddle now as he sports a burnt orange suit. 
  • An OU sorority girl thought this would be a good idea. That got her kicked out of school
  • Believe it or not (of course you will), Trump said that San Antonio is an example of where the wall has worked. Heck, the one wall they had in 1836 couldn't keep the Mexicans out. 
  • Trump shutdown: Day 31. This is an absolute disaster for the Great Negotiator. 
    "I'm proud to shut down the government."
  • If you want so light reading, here is the appellate brief filed last week by the bank that was the subject of a multi-million dollar judgment by a Decatur lawyer. 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold
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