Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Several people have confirmed that the Decatur Sixth Grade pee-wee team did in fact play against a team from Argyle a few years back coached by the Saints' Sean Peyton a few years back. (I'm getting conflicting reports regarding his general attitude.)
  • The comic book character "Tariff Man" truly has not a clue how tariffs work (and it is really, really simple to understand.)
  • Bridgeport has a banner hanging over its main street proclaiming it is the "Christmas Capital of Wise County." The rest of you towns going to put up with that?
  • A clip of Joel Osteen from 2017 has gained new life where he said, after noting he would be ridiculed if his kids wore raggedy clothes, that "When you look good, dress good, live in a nice place, excel in your career, generous with others, that bring's a smile to God's face."  With the exception of "generous with others", that whole statement is about as Biblically ignorant as you can get.
  • The boys on my radio station switched shifts this morning. Because of that, four guys were watching Fox 4 News in the background and had never seen a certain early morning anchor before. Let's just say their reviews, at least with the audio down, were strong to quite strong. 
  • Wise County probation took in almost a million dollars last fiscal year from fees alone.
  • I hope this breaking news means as little to you as it does to me:
  • Rain forecast. Important disclaimer: This is from Pete Delkus and not the Liberally Lean First Warn Weather Team.
  • I've got yet another UT Breckyn Hager update. That goofball didn't smash his hand into an inanimate object after the OU game in anger did he? (I know which side I'd bet on.)
  • Rudy Guiliani posted a tweet last week and accidentally created a hyperlink to a domain name ("G-20.In") that didn't exist. Someone immediately bought the domain, www.g-20.in, and uploaded one page saying Trump was a traitor. Last night, Guiliani, oblivious to this trickster who had widely promoted what he had done, blamed Twitter for allowing someone to "invade my text." The man doesn't understand how the Internet works. The man was named by Trump in 2017 as "an informal adviser on cybersecurity" for Trump's transition team. 
  • Remember the number of times I've talked about retiring to the "jungle in Costa Rica"? Well, about that . . . . 
  • The Bridgeport man who "set himself on fire and jumped from a bridge last Friday" has been identified as Lance Coe, 20, in the Update. There has to be some horrible back story to all of this. From 2014:
  • I'm sure you've seen it, but it you haven't, take a moment to watch Bob Dole visit George H.W. Bush in the rotunda yesterday.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.
  • The U.S. Postal Service taking a day off today in the middle of the Christmas holidays will not serve them well. It's probably a good thing, however, that the stock market is shut down today.