Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "And another" update. A wife of a football coach in Tennessee who was sentenced to three years is now being sued by the student/player. He's also sued her husband and the school.
  • We had a car chase in Fort Worth yesterday which ended with a guy just casually sitting in his car for about an hour while the military local police and DPS made preparations. 
  • Got to have assault weapons and gear
    You need two assault vehicles and a drone
    while everyone looks on
    And you had to start it with at least 20 police cars and a helicopter
  • Has Fox News declared a war on Christmas?
  • Trump can't go to a funeral without being Trump.
    No hand over his heart.
    The only couple not to recite the Apostles' Creed
  • Decatur plays Hereford in the Texas high school football playoffs tonight. Fun facts: Hereford is the county seat of Deaf Smith County (technically pronounced "deef" but most people use "def"), has a city population of 15,370 (as of 2010), is named after the breed of cattle, and, because of the town's high content of fluoride in its water supply, has earned the title of  "The Town Without a Toothache"
    The courthouse in Hereford.
  • "Keep doin' what ya doin', playboy, and keep chasin' that money."
  • DPS and others have been sued in federal court over the insane "surcharge" program which has currently lead to an astonishing  1.4 million Texas driver's having lost their drivers license for failure to pay. I love the way it starts out . . . 
  • Not only is this not true, it wouldn't be anything to brag about if it was.
  • Golden Globe nominations were just announced (and I always find that awards show far more entertaining than watching the Academy Awards.) But Vice, that great looking movie about W and Chaney, led with six nominations. But how does it fall in the category of "Musical or Comedy"? 
  • Nice touch by UT last night.
  • The Dow just opened up with a 400 point loss and falling.