Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • You'll see news headlines all over the place today about "The Girl In The Closet", now 25, accused of the sexual assault of a 14 year old girl. Translated: A girl who was locked in a closet for years, starved and sexually abused, had consensual sex with a 14 year old. (It's called "assault" because a 14 year old can't legally consent.)   The abuse was so bad that the Dallas Morning News did an eight part series on her. Anyone have any easy answers for this new criminal case?
  • We had a guy declared "actually innocent" yesterday by Texas' highest criminal court after receiving a life sentence based upon a prosecutor using "bite mark" evidence. (Being found
    "actually innocent" triggers compensation.) For your future voting reference, Judge Sharen Keller wouldn't have found him innocent: “Should a convicted person be declared 'actually innocent' merely because the state’s case has completely fallen apart?” Yes, Sharen. Yes.
  • I don't care all that much about national signing day, but we had one notable name going to Mack Brown's North Carolina team: Storm Duck.
  • The two Six Man high school championship games yesterday at Jerry World were quite the scene: (1) McLean beat Milford 100-70 where one kid scored nine touchdowns and rushed for 377 yards. And it was just 56-48 after three quarters; and (2) Strawn beat Follett 48-0 in a game which had to stop at halftime due to the "mercy rule." It was 40-0 after the first quarter.
    Love the conversion to an 80 yard field with
    narrower width. Even new goalposts.
  • Oh, my!!: A guy was set to plead guilty to sexual assault but that didn't happen when the prosecutor showed up at the courthouse drunk and was arrested. She got arrested again on a later date after someone called 911 on her after dropping her kid off at daycare before heading to work. The judge then dismissed the sexual assault case, as he could, because the defendant hadn't been tried within one year of arraignment per Iowa law.  
  • Fox News' graphics department never fails.
  • Trump took a beating yesterday and this morning from his base by backing down on THE WALL and, stunning everyone -- including the military brass,  by announcing we will leave Syria. 
  • Trump cried "Fake News!" this morning about the reaction to his Syria decision but somehow forgot that yesterday he said the withdrawal was because ISIS had been defeated. 
  • And now he just said the border was "tight" without The Wall. The man is crazy. Just days ago he said The Wall was so important that he would shut down the government if there was not funding for it. 
  • The Official Liberally Lean girl sends us all a Christmas message.
  • Breaking NFL News (because he's a Baylor guy who has had suspensions and voluntary leaves): Josh Gordon is gone