Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • What a day. Just when you think we couldn't have any more chaos from the Trump Administration, we had three major stories that had to be crammed into one afternoon graphic.
  • Make no mistake about it, Defense Secretary James Mattis quitting one day after Trump announced he is cut and running in Syria (with Russia's express backing) is a big deal. And that resignation letter, saying Trump shouldn't be sucking up to Russia while alienating our allies, without one kind word for Trump, tells you all you need to know. There are no more adults in the room, and you need to be afraid.
  • Pretty soon its just going to be Trump, Melania, and Ivanka, in the White House, and it'll feel just like The Shining.
  • There will be a government shutdown today because Trump can't get Congress to use taxpayer money for a wall that he promised time and time again that Mexico would pay for. Wrap your head around that.
  • If I'm the owners of Alamo Drafthouse, I'd be asking, "Just how many movie tickets and food do we have to sell to just cover construction costs?"
  • The GoFundMe page for the wall is another step toward Idiocracy.  I'm waiting to see a homeless person holding a sign which says, "Lost It All Ballin' For The Wall!"
  • Did you know in Texas and you are involved in a civil lawsuit and a judge shows up who has "visiting" status, you have an absolute right to object to him, but if you are a criminal defendant you don't? 

  • Stubie Doak, a spare WBAP personality and radio commercial voice over guy, has never, ever been funny.
  • Did you catch the lady of Fox 4 who suffered minor wounds after being bitten by a coyote in Frisco?  She was quite dramatic in describing the look in the coyote's eyes. But my favorite part was that "Now her parents are with her to help her recover."
  • Well, I'll be
  • Life comes at you fast . . . 
  • It's the "shortest" day of the year. Or the "darkest."