Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • What's worse that Christmas parking at the Presidio and/or Alliance shopping areas at I-35/287 is trying to get the heck out there. It's like the exits are part of a secret maze.
  • My head is spinning: (1) Where does this come from? No one has ever seen it before and it's not part of any designs we've seen. (2) The blow up of those Game of Thrones spikes does not match the top of slats in the larger picture. (3) If he is so worried about drugs (he's not), couldn't you just pass them through it? (4) Clip art still exists? (5) He's a man-child for even posting it.
  • Let's check in on the GoFundMe for its alleged help in paying for beginning of The Wall. Uh. Let's work on our math skills instead. 
  • Our County Judge got to go to Farm Bill signing in D.C., but I haven't seen any pictures of him with Trump during the actual signing. I'm not sure that even happened. (Not that his political career would be helped by being seen with the man.) 
  • Texas DPS, which can afford gun boats on the Rio Grande, will close their driver's license offices today, tomorrow, and Wednesday
  • Random Trivia: A business park in a Chicago suburb was the title sponsor for the Bahamas Bowl (thus, it was the Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl.) It only cost $300,000. 
  • The Texas high school playoffs were high entertainment: (1) Here's a great angle of the winning Hail Mary by North Shore over Duncanville, along with the radio call for North Shore (2) A female reporter asked a 26 second question to Highland Park's coach's wife who responded with a one minutes and twenty-seven second answer (including a lunch-with-friends reference) while the game was going on and Highland Park was throwing into the end zone. (3) I had the great joy of having Mrs. LL scream out "Spin Move!" during a Highland Park touchdown. 
  • Thirty rattlesnakes under a shed in Gorman, Texas. (Video.)
  • If you shell out $20 this "accomplishment", you are one weird guy:
  • Trump told Secretary of Defense Mattis yesterday he was out as of December 31st (he was willing to stay to the end of February) once Trump finally figured out that Mattis torched him in his resignation letter. 
  • This graphic got lots of attention over the weekend:
  • There was an Indonesia tsunami yesterday. Watch it crash through an outdoor concert. 
  • This picture was floating around with captions from everything that they were the neighbors in Christmas Vacation to they must have spotted a black dog that shouldn't be in the neighborhood, but it took me forever to notice the third dog. 
  • While considering Trump's decision to pull our troops out of Syria, I had forgotten that he had said during a debate that you never tell ISIS your military plans ahead of time. 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold