Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Dallas' ServPro First Responder Bowl was cancelled due to lightning yesterday. Not postponed. Cancelled. They didn't have a back up plan? Heck, it's sunny today, play it. Or for that matter, they could have announced the moving of the location to The Star a couple of days ago. With as few people which were in attendance, they'd fit. 
  • Then again, ESPN couldn't even spell ServPro right so the bowl isn't high on the priority list.
  • In the ugliest game in college football bowl history, we had TCU/California last night
    • The teams combined for nine interceptions. 
    • It took overtime for TCU to win with only 10 points.
    • Decatur's own Grayson Muehlstein had the horrific line of 7 of 20 for 27 yards and 4 interceptions
    • This play -- short video -- might be the worst trick play ever, and sums up that game.
    • Although TCU receivers caught only 7 passes, TCU's defense caught five passes from Cal QBs.
    • Ironically, TCU never lost a game that Muehlstein played in. 
  • Elmer Gantry really put me in the Christmas spirit:
  • Trump finally got shamed into visiting the troops (for three hours), but managed to screw it up by lying to them about having given them a 10% raise.
    They always dress that way for dinner?
  • Have you ever heard of a "nonessential" employee in the private sector?
  • I had to issue this line to Mrs. LL yesterday: "This house is not Grand Central Station."
  • I don't get these videos of private moments where someone does something good. Case in point: A rookie pitcher "wrote a letter to his parents, thanking them for everything ... and then revealing that he'd paid off all of their debt as a Christmas present." That's great. But when your mom is filmed reading your letter and you publicize it for everyone to see, it cheapens it beyond belief. (Side note: How do you know all of your parents' debt without tipping them off?)
  • This is insane. At 0.05 you are normal despite what the government says. (Ask an honest prosecutor.)
  • I hadn't seen this one: Trump and a pregnant Melania in 2006 as photoed by Annie Leibovitz.
  • You begin to understand Sarah Sanders the more her dad speaks.
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