Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Police at Penn State decided to use low flying helicopters to disperse tailgaters. That was dumb. Fortunately, just minor injuries were reported but the cops are taking heat about it. (Videos in the link.)
  • Voting: Straight ticket ends in Texas after the mid-terms. 
  • Longtime readers will recall that I once named ex-Texas Ranger Chris Davis the "Official Major League Ball Player of Liberally Lean." Uh, he's not doing so well (other than his bank account.) He finished the year with a 1 for 37 slump bringing is average to .168. 
  • Ever thought about how you have a disadvantage or an advantage because of these simple things you had no control over: Birthplace, skin color, birth parents, birth gender, birth language, birth name, and ethnicity. 
  • I've always considered public "mosquito spraying" to be the equivalent of a can of Raid strapped onto the back of a Tonka truck going around the field at Jerry World.
  • I'm forever thankful I've never had to go into this guy's court. In the late 1990s, the Fifth Circuit found McBryde engaged in "intemperate, abusive and intimidating" courtroom conduct and suspended him from hearing any new civil or criminal cases for one year and disqualified him for three years from presiding over cases involving attorneys who had testified against him during the investigation.
  • I've been reading a book about LBJ and came across this photo last night which got my interest. It is LBJ and Bobby Kennedy (who hated Johnson) in Brooklyn in October, 1964. An open car parade that quickly after JFK's assassination was pretty gutsy. (And I love looking at all the secret service guys - especially the one pointing at the camera and the one squatting right in the middle of the front seat.)
  • A Bridgeport officer took a spill during a "demonstration" yesterday. He's fine. Remember kids, always wear a helmet.
  • Proof that we are living in a bizarre world: Last night there were headlines that Brett Kavanaugh got into a disturbance at a bar when he was in college because he mistook a guy as as the lead singer of UB40. UB40?! Side notes: (1)  I guess it's only fitting their biggest hit had a title about alcohol, and (2) I really don't care about the incident. 
  • Remember when a phone company was called Cingular?
  • Everyone is going gaga, as they should, over Pat Mahomes with the Chiefs. Flashback: Look at his numbers against OU in 2016.
  • That massive Amazon warehouse in the Halset area employees a lot of Wise County folks. They just boosted their minimum pay to $15 an hour. 
  • Up to 2,200 homes have been announced for an area bordering Wise County north of the Saginaw cutoff and east of Rhome. There will be a new road to access it from 287.
  • Is state rep. Konni Burton the female version of Jonathan Stickland? Seems like it. 
  • Troy Aikman was on The Ticket this morning for another boring segment. At one point he said, "I had some buddies over to watch the game last night . . . . "  The interview would be interesting if they asked him who is buddies are and how he knows them.