Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Jimmy Johnson has cut back on this Fox game day in-studio job. He is now leaving mid-afternoon to get back to the Florida Keys. Why show up at all? 
  • After being very measured about Dr. Ford earlier this week, Trump openly mocked her at his third "rally" this week as old white men from Mississippi laughed in the background. I'm sure that will go over with Kavanaugh's swing voters, and Sen. Flake was not pleased.
  • Trump must have been angry at a year and a half investigation into his taxes and "fortune" by the New York Times which, once again, shows him to be nothing more than a lying and cheating con man. It's eight pages long. And it won't make one iota of difference to his base. He can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and steal $400 million from the U.S. at the same time and it won't matter.
  • Trump called the story "old and boring" this morning. Interestingly, he didn't call it "fake."
  • Speaking of Kavanaugh, a letter he wrote in preparation for "Beach Week" has been found.  Man, they sound insufferable. (Georgetown Prep sounds to be full of the guys who go on to college and hang out in a bar like the one in Good Will Hunting but who can't quote "Vickers, Work in Essex County, Page 98, right?")
  • You'll get a text from Trump at 1:18 today. Pray that no pictures are accidentally attached. (But I would like to be in a crowd at that moment when everyone instantaneously looks down at their phones -- assuming that they aren't already looking at their phones.)
  • Lindsey Graham dropping an S Bomb during a CNN interview.
  • I love the crazy looking new wild-eyed mascot "Gritty" who has been an Internet sensation, but look how different he looks when one guy photoshopped in some eyelids.
  • My movie watching has diminished lately but Bad Times at the El Royale looks really good. 
  • There's an obvious clue how you know this is an old photo:
  • The former head of Baylor's Board of Regents is being investigated for making racial slurs. But this sentence got my attention more than others: "Baylor’s counsel has traveled to France to speak with a witness to the conversation . . . . " The lawyer went to France for a simple interview? I want that job.
  • Is there a list somewhere of athletes who have been cut and unemployed but are collecting large checks because of guaranteed contracts? For example, Prince Fielder got $24 million in 2017.
  • I'm not sure about this lede.  The DA "says there's a high risk that most victims of [of domestic violence] will wind up dead." Look at these terms: "High risk" and "most" and "wind up dead." What's that even mean? Even if you get past that everyone "winds up" dead, that sentence would cause a the head to explode of a student of Statistics 101.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold