Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It was a shockingly bad day for the President and All Of His Men:
    • Michael Cohen admitted his guilt in federal court yesterday and is willing to go to prison for five years. And that admission was to paying for the silence of Stormy Daniels and a Playboy model with the intention of influencing the election "in coordination with and at the direction of " Trump. Yep,  thrice married Trump directed his lawyer to commit a federal crime because he had affairs with at least two other women.
    • At the same time of the plea, Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was found guilty in federal court of eight counts. 
    • And moments later Republican Duncan Hunter, one of the first Congressmen to voice his support for Trump, was indicted for illegal use of campaign funds. The indictment is insane. Sample:
    • And, to wrap it up, Trump started the day tweeting support for a Wyoming Governor candidate: "“Go VOTE TODAY for Foster Friess - He will be a fantastic Governor! Strong on Crime, Borders [and] 2nd Amendment. Loves our Military [and] our Vets. He has my complete and total Endorsement!” Friess ended up losing BIGLY last night.
  • Trump with unintentional comedy this morning:
  • He doesn't have any credibility, but the Colorado guy who is alleged to have killed his pregnant wife and two young kids has come up with a explanation. He claims he was having an affair, his wife got angry and killed the two kids, and then he killed her in a rage. With three dead bodies, that's about as creative as you can get. 
  • I feel like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction whenever I walk in to the courthouse entrance security room, see no one in my direct line of sight, and then immediately hear, "Come on in, Barry." 
  • Here's my own interesting twist on the story of the guy who killed his 18 month old outside of the apartment complex in Lewisville last Sunday while shouting Christian verses. Did you know last Monday was the Muslim holiday of Eid-al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) which celebrates and commemorates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son?  The guy wasn't Muslim, but seems to be a religious guy with a screw loose. Connection? [Edit: BagOfNothing made reference to the Abraham theory yesterday. I just saw it. He didn't reference Eid-al-Adha -- that's mine.]
  • I'm not saying someone found a real (not figurative) snake in the courthouse, but someone found a snake in the courthouse. 
  • I was involved in a flower bed project with small retaining walls the other day. With an axe in my hand and a crowbar, mallet, chisel, and level nearby, Mrs. LL walked up and asked, "What's the plan, Phil?" (That's a Modern Family line.)
  • The death of Mollie Tibbetts is already being politicized.  Compare and contrast:

  • Note: The aforementioned Colorado guy who killed his family was a white U.S. citizen. 
  • This police chase in Dallas in the middle of the day through a residential neighborhood left seven injured in five cars. (Police deny it was a "chase".)
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