Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "A 13-year-old Crowley Independent School District student died Wednesday night after collapsing during football practice, officials said."
  • This was from Trump at 1:10 a.m. EST. He's up in the middle of the night and living in terror about the future.
  • Pretty cool little chart: 
  • Unreasonable irritation of mine: People who gush about Whataburger. (Hey, I like their burgers too, but it's no euphoric experience.)
  • I'm very confused about the new "Update Live" that the Messenger has rolled out. It's the Publisher sitting at a nondescript table reading the Update out loud.
  • Dear Fort Worth Baylor fans, Mr. Heim, of the over-hyped Heim BBQ, routinely attacks your school. This example was relatively tame as he made fun of person he doesn't know and probably faces a daily struggle which is a little more difficult than the fear of getting a bad Yelp review. He took it down. I invite you to go somewhere else for your BBQ.
  • What? "This little piggy went to market" doesn't mean he went shopping? How was I not told!?
  • Cowboys center Travis Frederick has been diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. Let me Google that for you. This does not sound good -- primarily because he seems like a guy who would be willing to walk away if there was any chance continued play would exacerbate the situation.
  • It looks like a nude selfie of Dak Prescott is out there. Let me not Google that for you.
  • I have never understood why judges on the Texas Supreme Court (and some other courts) take the entire month of August off (and then some.) Any you boys in the private sector get to do that at taxpayer expense? 
  • Sarah Sanders had to walk out in front of the Washington press corp yesterday. She didn't disappoint.
  • It took a while, but two officers eventually cost Dallas well over a half million dollars. 
  • That's a lot of pills: "Denton County: Search leads to discovery of 120,000 pills (hydrocodone, oxycodone, fentanyl, morphine and dilaudid) and 14 firearms (6 stolen)."
  • The worst Baptist pastor in America is at it again as he rolls out a new book to make money. And I'm seeing a theme: He always seems to know God's "secrets." That's the same marketing scheme that we've seen in infomercials for years. 
    These people know real estate secrets!!!!
    Jeffress knows God's seven secrets!!!!!
  • I'll never get tired of Time magazine covers: 
  • I wonder if Trump is taking comfort in that his top lawyer, Rudy "Truth Isn't Truth" Giuliani, is golfing in Scotland during the worst week of his presidency.