Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched CNN's docu-series The 2000s episode on music Sunday night. Let me tell you something: Not a bad little decade for music. 
  • I didn't watch the VMA's last night, but it looks like Madonna's tribute to Aretha Franklin got ripped: 
  • I'm seeing this video of the cop running down a suspect everywhere. It's over four years old. 
  • Does Rudy Giuliani stay drunk?
  • Is not spending money you don't need saving taxpayer dollars? (Maybe the DA's budget in Tarrant County is too high: $25 million a year.)
  • He said that? He started off investigating a penny-ante real estate deal about Whitewater and ended up spending $70 million with nothing to show it for. (And he had a steady hand on the wheel during the Baylor scandal, didn't he?)
  • WFAA's sports guy Mike Leslie really gets on my nerves for some reason. 
  • The number of Beto O'Rourke yard signs in Decatur has got my attention.
  • Every teacher should be offended by this grandstanding from a governor who could not care less about public education. And what's this "wants" business? There is nothing more meaningless. How you gonna pay for it, hoss? 
  • More concern about the Star-Telegram's home page: This morning four of the five "latest" news stories concern the Rangers -- a team that is in last place with the season almost over. (They later updated it to make it three Rangers stories, a story about beach volleyball, a food story, and an ad.)
  • The AP Top 25 came out yesterday.  It dawned on me that we live in a day when once perennial powerhouse Nebraska no longer even receives a single vote.
  • Trump honored a border patrol agent yesterday but ended up going Full Trump. He always goes Full Trump. 
  • Paul Manafort trial: Day Three completed and still no verdict. 
  • I'm not following this Arlington City Council term limit debate all that closely, but it appears they will have to put the issue to voters after a petition requiring the vote was presented to them. "The city council  members [on Monday at a council meeting] made it clear they're against term limits and will join together at the polls to fight." They better be careful using public funds or public time to advocate a position. If my memory serves me correctly, the Decatur School Board ran into trouble in the 2000s when they used public funds to encourage a bond passage. I would think the same rule would apply if a city council used public funds to encourage the defeat of a term limit proposal.  
  • Breaking:  Missing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts is found dead.