Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • This photo from last Friday in a game involving the Rangers that deserves a prize. (The link has a better quality of the image, and a video which demonstrates a very sweet move put on by the guy a second before the photo was snapped):
  • Former Baylor coach Art Briles has a new football coaching gig in Italy. Road trip! (But I don't know if I can put it on my "stadium journey" list since the team's stadium capacity is 1,000. Yep, this is it. That's all of the stands.)

  • Lawyer Kris Kobach had a great gig: Go to gullible municipalities and tell them he could craft ordinances to get rid of the those illegal immigrants and then, when those ordinances were challenged in court, he'd collect legal fees to help defend the cities. By any reasonable standard, the cities always lost. Farmers Branch, under the city council "leadership" of Plaintiff's lawyer Tim O'Hare, was one of the taxpayer money-wasting cities to the tune of $7 million. (That article from the Kansas City Star about Kobach, who is now running for Governor of Kansas, is scathing.)
  • O'Hare went on to be a one term Republican Chairman of the Tarrant County Republican Party, but didn't run again because he was "just having a hard time juggling being a husband and father of four with running a law firm and real estate venture, serving as a Sunday School teacher and a Deacon at church . . . . "
  • The college football Coaches' Poll is out: OU comes in at 5, TCU at 16, West Virginia at 20, Texas at 21, and OSU at 25. No Aggie. (Side note: At home games this year, UT will wear black cleats with black socks.)
  • Don't look now, but we've got another big Ebola outbreak in the Congo with 20 dead.
  • We're getting really close to Idiocracy's President, Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, as we had Trump pose with a UFC fighter and his championship belt yesterday in the Oval Office.
  • Speaking of, this former wrestler won the position of mayor (our County Judge equivalent) in Knox County, Tennessee last night running as a Republican. Really.
  • Anyone heard from the head of the Department of Energy, Rick Perry, lately? Is there any chance he is sitting around just collecting a government paycheck? And do you think that $28 million budget and 13,000 employees (not to mention the 90,000 contract employees) are being used efficiently?
  • Sarah Sanders, who I absolutely believe has no soul, refused to say the press is not the "enemy of the people" yesterday. (And why does she read from notes whenever she goes on an anti-Free Press rant?)
  • Even Ivanka was smarter than that.
  • This following can't be understated. These Trump officials showed up unannounced at the White House briefing yesterday to announce that Russia's attempts to interfere with the 2018 elections are "real and ongoing", that "Our Democracy is in the crosshairs", and "We continue to see a pervasive messaging campaign by Russia to try to weaken and divide the United States.": Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, FBI Director Chris Wray, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, National Security Adviser John Bolton, and National Security Agency Director Paul Nakasone. 
  • I think stats like this are silly. They are an anomaly but not impressive. Countless other lines would be better: What about four walks, a single, and a home run? Three walks, a single, and two doubles? Five singles and one walk? You get the idea.
  • Fox News was disappointed with the job numbers released this morning. 
  • From BagOfNothing this morning: "I was surprised at how easy and close parking at DFW Airport was. Any available spot was identified by a green LED light above and we literally parked across the street from the terminal entrance. For three nights the total cost was a reasonable $26 which was charged to my TollTag." Wait a second! Terminal parking at DFW is $24 a day. Edit: I'll be. He told me about this trick.
  • Legal nerd stuff: Look at this short opinion just released by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals where the court, it would seem, accused a lawyer via footnote of being unethical. (And I'm not sure I've ever seen an appellate brief with one paragraph under the "Argument" section.) 
  • Buried in the Update this morning is this out of Bridgeport ISD: Delinquent property tax payments are at an 11-year high. I'm telling you, there is something going on out there. People from everywhere seem to be struggling more than ever.