Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The temperature was great this morning in Decatur, but the rain went heavy to northeast and heavy to the southwest.
  • North Richland Hills P.D. now has a sniper. The chances of any police department ever needing a "sniper" is basically never. And the odds of NRH needing one is less than that. 
  • Fishing talk: A buddy told me there are now trolling motors with GPS capabilities. You can basically put in the coordinates for a shore line and have it run itself. Kind of takes the sport out of it, doesn't it? (I found that Minn Kota sells one for $2,300.)
  • Trump went on a Twitter rant on Sunday after he got through playing golf over the weekend. He fired off ten of them. The only one I'll mention is that the guy who promised you that he would build a wall that Mexico would pay for said he would shut down the government if the the American taxpayer didn't foot the bill.
  • If I'm the U.S., I check the remains of servicemen brought back from N. Korea to see if they are real. "Remains that were returned in the past from North Korea were found to be mixed with those of unidentified individuals and even with animal bones."
  • Six Feet Under was a great show that very few people seemed to have watched.
  • A great moment on Friday when Trump Jr. (in the aqua shirt and camouflaged hat) and Special Counsel Robert Mueller (far left) were at the same airport gate in D.C.  That's a secret service agent behind Junior.
  • This is where Junior he was headed: A fishing outing with the fired Fox News gal who has found her own scandal
    Posted by Junior.
  • Also by Junior.
  • You know Ted Cruz is concerned when his campaign resorts to a staged "haircut" in Dallas as he answers questions. What a common man.
  • The Waco Biker Trials are now really heating up with a trial date for September 10th and . . . it has been continued
  • My scam alert is going off:
  • "Let me just chase down that soccer ball while the other player is contemplating kicking it back upfield . . . and I'M DEAD!"
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