Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I the the "attack ad" on Angela (and Ken) Paxton by Phillip Huffines is pretty good -- at least as far as attack ads go.
  • Christmas Eve might not be an official holiday, but I think it is extremely underrated.
  • Check out Birdville ISD's  "How Comfortable Am I" questionnaire for sixth graders. 
  • The Olympic "medal count" should be broken down on a per capita basis to make it fair.
  • Denton PD is doing bits this morning: 
  • This is amazing: Trump's lawyer (who might be the worst lawyer in the country) said in a statement to the New York Times that he paid an adult film star linked to Trump $130,000 out of his own pocket. There is so much wrong with this: (1) He tacitly admits that Trump had an affair with her, (2) It's an illegal back door campaign contribution, and (3) He violated the attorney-client privilege if he consulted with Trump about it -- something he certainly did.
  • The guy accused of killing the Richardson police officer has an oddly shaped head (and a history of mental problems.) 
  • Twin Peaks Biker update: The DA has dismissed 13 cases (that had been pending almost three years), refused prosecution in eight others that had not been indicted, and recused his office in another. After the recusal, the Texas AG's office refused to take his place. What a disaster.
  • The Denton County DA's office is getting sued again by one of its own prosecutors.
  • I saw someone post a video of a basketball game in Paradise where there was quite the foul/take down (which I think wasn't called.) But now it's gone.
  • If you look at the Fox 4 website and scroll down you can never get to the bottom. The site keeps loading click bait after click bait (all with headlines that don't obviously indicate they are all ads.) 
  • The Southlake school board sure is leaving the high school football coach hanging.