Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Former Cowboy and Baylor running back Lincoln Coleman has gone missing for the second time in a year. Edit: He's safe. He was in a homeless shelter. 
  • This is real
  • No question that he has never seen Blazing Saddles.
  • Or met this guy:
  • Johnny Football is on a redemption tour. I wish him well, but he'll never be on an NFL roster again. 
  • Trump submitted a $4.4 trillion budget to Congress yesterday which would increase the national debt by $9.84 billion. Fortunately, Congress will ignore it. (And the budget needs a line item of "Cost to print budget.")
  • Random Sports: Frank Reich has been named coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Most remember him as the QB of the Bills who brought the team back from a 35-3 deficit against the Oilers in a playoff game. But did you also know in college he came off the bench for Maryland when Miami had them down 31-0 and he led Maryland to a 42-40 win? 
  • And another. (She's also the wife of a Texas high school athletic director and former Baylor player.)
  • The painting of Obama was unveiled at the "National Portrait Gallery" yesterday. Is that where it will stay? Will there be a different one for the White House? 
  • A Texas police department originally posted this with the phrase "Let the memes begin."
  • The Fort Worth mayor was in Washington yesterday for Trump's announcement of his infrastructure "plan." Question: Who paid for her travel?