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I've Found A Good Ruskie

Meet curler Anastasia Bryzgalova.  And for you Russian hackers who undoubtedly have been spying on me for the last couple of years, that's Анастасия Брызгалова to you.

But keep her in your thoughts. She busted it today.


Anonymous said...

I liked curling...i love it now!

Anonymous said...

Ruskie? Maybe Russkie?

Doesn't matter. Isn't that the equivalent of calling someone from China a Chink? A Japanese person a Nip? Vietnamese a Slope? You know, those things we don't do or say any more?

Your precise liberal type ordained this PC thought crime crap. Hypocrite much?

Meanwhile, the Niggers don't seem to be doing too well on the slopes (small s)

Anonymous said...

How come when a newspaper or other institution takes out ads or editorials or sends annoying phone calls or emails with propaganda to encourage me to vote a certain way, it's the "democratic process"; but it's election interference for someone outside the U.S. to do the same thing? How, exactly, did the "Russians" meddle with our election? I mean, at the voting booth? How?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you saw this making it into Time and USA today,

Anonymous said...

In Russia, you don't fall down. The ice falls up.

DF Putin

Anonymous said...

Amen 5:29 PM
Face it--the Hilary campaign was probably talking to anybody/everybody that could get them some dirt on Trump, and the Trump campaign was doing the same. Duh! Like we don't take both of those facts for granted? And I could care less about BOTH. That's ALL Washington does up there anymore, before or after elections. 24/7. 365 days a year. Forget about being a GOVERNMENT!

Anonymous said...

Once a beautiful Russian women showed up at my hotel door. Very sexy and wonderful accent. We had drinks and then I made a move on her. We ended up making passionate love. As I got up from the bed I hear a 'click' and turn as the woman I had just pleasured was pointing a gun at me. I ripped the bayonet off my back, slung it right through her beautiful neck. As she fell back to the bed I put on my suit and went for breakfast.

DF '007'

Anonymous said...

I agree 4;59, however...

British =limies or limey eyes
Irish=? Dirty Irish
Mexicans=wet backs, messkins
Africans=jungle bunnies
Polish-dumb pollocks

DF. Archie Bunker

Anonymous said...

953-i cried thru the whole movie. (or was it a mini-series?)

Anonymous said...

I forgot what Jews were called.


DF A. Bunker