Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Three people are dead at a Nissan dealership in Greenville. Two of them were "bounty hunters" posing as federal agents. That's insane. For one thing, "bounty hunters" are basically a myth. In Texas, a bondsman can "go off the bond" by submitting an affidavit and then a warrant gets issued. There's no need to go vigilante. 
  • Anyone remember when Fox and Friends was so carefree that they would have radio D.J. "Mancow" on for a daily segment? 
  • Not a school teacher but she did allegedly engage in "And Another" activity: 
  • How does Sean Spicer face the day every morning. What a beating. 
  • $150 to fix a broken window? It's double paned, but what am I missing? 
  • I mentioned the other day that a principal in South Texas committed suicide in the school's parking lot but was not under any investigation. It turns out he was fearful of having an affair revealed. You kill yourself over that? Fight through it. 
  • Trump confused the nation last night: 
  • Unless I'm losing my mind, a Tampa Bay player last night against the Rangers had a base hit by hitting it after it bounced on the way to the plate. 
  • Judge George Gallagher has been essentially been removed from Texas AG Ken Paxton's criminal case.  I mentioned it when the defense first filed the motion: There's a little known provision in a statute when disqualifies a judge from presiding over the case once he grants a change of venue unless both the State and defendant agree to keep him on. 
  • The over/under on Dallas Cowboy wins has been set at 9.5.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is only May and my sports expert opinion is to take the under. You're welcome. 
  • Buddy, I hate to disagree but it looks like you stay up every night: 
  • I think this might be a trend:
  • John Clayton has been laid off by ESPN. 
  • Wise County is buying one tricked up ATV for EMS for a whopping $22,500.