Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega has died. I always found it odd he was referred to as a "strongman."
  • Sports writer Frank Deford has died. Few people remember that around 1990 he started a daily newspaper devoted to sports called "The National." It was great. It lasted less than a year if I recall. 
  • Angry Trump!
  • And he finally figured out that the German Chancellor dogged him: 
  • Tiger had a bad weekend:
  • Fox 4 News must have hired a new consultant. They led with the weather last night because it might rain later in the week. 
  • Anyone else think Greg Abbott may not be very bright
    “I’m going to carry this around in case I see any reporters.” 
  • Tony Romo had a guest appearance at the Colonial in order for CBS to promote him. That guy is going to be awful as a football color guy. 
  • I heard that a J.P. didn't get to the Wise County Jail to set bonds until mid-afternoon yesterday. 
  • A Texas legislator called I.C.E. on people in the gallery yesterday. A representative on the other side of the aisle issued a press release that includes an F Bomb.