The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There was just something uncomfortable about that Trump appearance in Dallas last night. A predominately white crowd inside, minorities protesting on the outside, and more cops than you could shake a stick at. It feels like the 1960s.
  • And what in the world was FBC Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress doing on stage?
  • With Briles turning on Baylor yesterday, we have an official Dumpster Fire ongoing at Baylor and it may go on for years.
  • Briles' lawyer is Earnest Cannon out of Stephenville. I know nothing about him. But he does have a swagger about him . . .
  • Someone told me there was a metroplex news crew on the Decatur courthouse square this week. I didn't see them. What was that about?
  • There was an alleged upskirt photographer on the prowl in McKinney, Celina, Prosper and Frisco.
  • Odd moment of the week: I'm fishing. Get a fish on the line. The fish makes a run for it to a nearby brush and gets hung up. I have the Seventh Grader In The House hold the rod and reel. I load up in the kayak knees first to retrieve said fish. And the Family Pup, in an unauthorized move, jumps on the back of the kayak because it wishes to eat the fish. Verdict: Delicious Bass successfully retrieved and released. Family Pup wonders how fish just disappeared. 
  • Valley Ranch shuts down this week. I've never even driven by it. 
  • So what are the rules for buying a gun at a gun show? Do I have to show an ID? Is there a background check? Waiting period? Or is it like buying a radio at a garage sale?
  • Obscure story: A man in Virginia finds a bunch of antique clay pigeons originally delivered to a descendant of Admiral Stephen Decatur. The man called a "museum in Texas" and sent them a few. Is that our museum in Decatur? 
  • I heard long time televangelist James Robison on The Mark Davis Show promoting a new book and a relatively new website, The Stream. He said the website had gained one and half million new visitors over a two day period the week before. I know nothing about the site, but that assertion has all the makings of a lie. 
  • I bet 75% of you have no idea who James Robison is. He was a big player in DFW back in the day, and he and Cullen Davis "later destroyed more than a million dollars’ worth of jade, ivory, and gold objects because they honored what he called false gods." Tell me you know who Cullen Davis is.
  • I'm actually caught up to date on the O.J. documentary. No judge had less control of a courtroom that Lance Ito. Now 65, he retired two years ago.
  • Random TV Judge Trivia: Judge Wapner is alive at the ripe old age of 96. "Rusty the Bailiff" died in 2002.