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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Chiufang Hwang at cheerleader tryouts at AT&T Stadium
J.D. Miles - CBS11

  • We've got a 50 year old trying out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. And not bad. She also wrote her own article. 
  • Still Mrs. LL - but, yes, I'm backing off the blogging after Friday. Five more days of me and I'll let ya have Barry back. He's just about back to normal. Well, normal for him. I'm happy to report of good blood pressure and that left limp of his is gone.
  • My old stomping grounds in Abilene, Tx now has howler monkeys in their zoo. What?! That just happens to be my favorite monkey! And I love me some monkeys. A rare posted pic on the blog of Mr. and Mrs. LL.circa 2009.
  • Cue the orchestra music. I have been awakened by howler monkeys in two different countries.
  • I saw Wicked at Dallas Fair Park with my mother and both offspring in the house. The bahtrooms have extremely loud attendants to make the line move fast by directing women to open stalls. It was fantastic.
  • A trooper in the Northeast was suspended after beating a  motorist after he has surrendered after a high speed chase. It was caught on tape. There was also a lot of afters in that sentence. 
  • While driving with my mother, I asked her why the flags were all at half staff and she quickly responded, "because Trump got the Republican nomination." 
  • The defensive line coach at UT is getting a huge raise from $250,000 to $515,000. Good grief. We're all in the wrong field.
  • Benches get cleared at the Ranger's Game yesterday.