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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Johnny Depp can do a really good Trump impersonation. And that's why he's your RTG of the day.
  • The Ticket's Corby Davidson got smacked in the forehead last night during a broadcast. Honestly, I'm shocked that doesn't happen more often. I've listened to those broadcasts. 
  • I can't wait for football to no longer be relevant. Two players were sent to the hospital, one vis helicopter, after a head to head collision
  • Baylor and Waco has tried to keep the campus' bad side quiet, but, "Outside the Lines has obtained documents that detail largely unknown allegations of sexual assault, domestic violence and other acts of violence involving several Baylor football players." Why is it that Outside the Lines is the one to go after this story? 
  • I now am scouting locations for a new LL mansion on the cliffs of East Bay. 
  • UNT applied for a liqour license. I have a feeling that is going to be a bad idea.
  • Death in media: Morley Safer, CNN correspondent dies at 84. I still have the 60 minutes episode that aired on 5/15/16 about his life story on the dvr to watch.
  • Carpal Tunnel is a real thing. I've had surgery to correct that very painful problem and will go for round two this summer. A nameless person commented and calling it fake. No way they actually believe that, right?
  • The Senior in the House has a Senior Luncheon, two Senior Dinners and Senior Sunday at church this weekend. The 7th Grader in the House is leaving Monday for a five day school trip touring Texas. Another weekend without sleeping in. I'm not sure I'll get to even sneak a nap in. #GraduatingProblems Summer can't get here quick enough. 
  • The Kids in the House and most of their friends call Barry, Bubear.