The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Due to a dead battery on my laptop, we are having some Liberally Lean technical issues. 
  • Of all the places in the world to hide, the affluenza kid is found in a tourist resort In Mexico. Momma doesn't need to be arrested for harboring a fugitive, she needs to be arrested for being dumb. 
  • And he looks hammered 
  • I finally flew on Virgin Airlines. Greatest. Plane. Experience. Ever. 
  • I forgot to mention in connection with The Big Short and the mortgage crisis: It might be building  again right now. 
  • Commercials on The Ticket seem to focus on divorce, vodka, rehab and cars. 
  • From earlier @NBCDFW: LIVE: Wise Co. authorities work to rescue people trapped in a truck stuck in water in Rhome
  • I don't know who country singer Craig Stricland is but he has gone missing and his frien was "found dead"
  • Writing this on an iPad is a beating. 
  • I'm in an undisclosed location but l'll just say Frank Underwood has walked these streets.