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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Amtrak review: Fantastic. I'd love to commute every morning by train and then walk to work.
  • I posted a picture of Mrs. LL asleep looking like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable and got some funny responses. 
  • Mrs. LL and I are staying with friends. She spent the night having fun playing with a toddler while I got into a debate with a senior citizen over health care. She was feisty!
  • We are staying in a house in New Jersey. I did an informal poll of the people around me last night as to their political choice if it were Trump v. Hillary. It was 5-1 for Trump. Son of a gun, he might win this thing.
  • And I loved Trump's recent statement of "If I don't win this thing it will have all been just a big waste of time."
  • Speaking of Trump: Fetus necklace?
  • The mom of the Affluenza kid is back in the U.S. Picture. However, the kid is fighting extradition and is still in Mexico and may remain there for a while. I mentioned yesterday that juvenile law is complicated. Is it possible that the deadline to transfer him to adult court will run out before he gets back here? Just a thought.  
  • "Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew invites 'Star Wars' fan's widow to his Texas home" Does he still live in Boyd?
  • The NFL had refile its appellate brief in Deflategate because the first one had a cover page which was the wrong color. That whole sentence screams Idiocracy.
  • Bill Cosby getting arrested is something I never expected as recently as ten years ago. 
  • Mrs. LL and I just spent two days in Washington D.C.   I'll do a seperate post on it but I've got some hot sports opinions. 
  • Year-end countdown: The 10 biggest North Texas criminal justice stories of 2015.