Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The Chinese exchange student is now in the house and, once she arrived, I learned she was actually from Taiwan. That caused me to do some quick research which only led me to great confusion since Taiwan is part of China. Does that make her Chinese? 
  • She is a sweet and respectful girl. But you know the first thing she wanted to know? Our wifi key. And she spends most of her time staring at her phone. She's basically an American. And she speaks English better than most of the people I know -- including me. 
  • Wait a second. No, she's not like an American! She can speak a different language! She is of a different religion! She doesn't look like me! She doesn't think like me! She has penetrated our borders! She might be a terrorist!!!!! Someone call Homeland Security!!!
  • I'm going to beat her down with so many questions over the next week. If she doesn't eventually turn to the Two Girls In The House and ask, "What's that guy's deal?", I'll be very disappointed.
  • I watched five of the six episodes of Fargo's Season Two this weekend. It may be the greatest  TV show I've ever seen. And I will have to got back and watch it again because I know I'm missing so much. 
  • I also watched the first episode of Amazon Prime's show The Man In The High Castle. I was enthralled. The premise is that the U.S. lost World War II. Now, in 1962, the West Coast of the U.S. is controlled by the Japanese and the East Coast is controlled by the Germans. The middle of the country is a "neutral zone" which is occupied by minorities and Jews. Throw in the fact that there is a revolutionary group trying to distribute an 8 mm news reel that shows that the Allies actually won the war and my head almost exploded.  I have no idea what is going on.  (Oh, and the Japanese fear the Germans will drop an A-bomb on them once the peace loving Hitler dies. Yep, he is alive.) And that was just the first episode. 
  • I mentioned last week that I was going to file the craziest Motion in the history of ever (and it would reference Bonfire of the Vanities and the Salami Theory in footnotes.) I did it, and here it is. It will probably only interest some Wise County lawyers, the Wise County Sheriff's Office, some Tarrant County prosecutors, lawyers and judges (especially once they see the name of the prosecutor). Oh, and maybe the Wise County Messenger or Star-Telegram if they need some content on this holiday week.  What? Someone is fighting against the dismissal of a criminal case? Edit: I forgot to mention that I'm not being paid a dime for that Motion or for anything else that occurs in this case in the future. 
  • But what do I know? 
  • I also watched Lucy this weekend. It is a movie about what happens if humans could access all of their brain capacity. It was a little hokey but the concept was fascinating. 
  • "Romans 13 teaches that Government's role is different than man's duty: it is to protect citizens & ensure justice. Texas will abide." - Greg Abbott tweet yesterday. I take great comfort in that. "The Dude [also] abides." (Man, I miss Rick Perry.)
  • Sports: (1) I said there was no way Baylor would beat OSU and they did with their third string quarterback, (2) I said there was no way TCU would beat OU and they would have if the two point conversion pass had been six inches higher, (3) TCU coach Gary Patterson always implies Baylor's Art Briles has players that are thugs but that cheap shot hit by TCU's Ty Summers on OU quarterback Baker Mayfield was borderline criminal, (4) I had a buddy place a $100 bet in Vegas for me in August on the over/under for TCU's total wins this season. If Baylor beats TCU on Friday, I win. And Baylor is only a 1.5 favorite based upon the Vegas' opening line.
  • The M&M comparison on the Syrian Refugees is beyond dumb. The attempted analogy is this: We don't need to take in Syrian Refugees because one in a hundred might be a terrorists. So the simpletons make this analogy: If you had one hundred M&Ms in front of you and one of them might be poisonous, would you eat any of them? Sheesh. This isn't about candy. Let's put it this way: What if you had one hundred scared and homeless individuals in front of you and all they wanted to do is live in the United States? Would you turn all those tortured souls away because one of them might be a terrorist?
  • You had more of a risk to your safety by getting into your car this morning than from a possible Syrian refugee terrorists.