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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I just tortured you: I want you to have the above image embedded in your head all day while you also hear Dixie playing in the background. (But kind of hot?)
  • The Taiwanese Student In The House thinks I'm funny. My life is now complete.
  • The mistaken-clock-bomb student, Ahmed Mohamed, now has lawyers who are demanding a combined $15 million form the City of Irving and Irving ISD.  Note to the lawyers: You appear as morons to the public. And, in my opinion, you are morons.
  • Donald Trump said he "saw" people cheering in New Jersey during the 9/11 attacks.  Ben Carson said he saw the same thing. (This guy is a brain surgeon?).  Chris Christie said it might have happened but he might have forgotten it. Can the Republican race get any more insane?
  • If you want more proof that football will be dead in 50 years, look no further than the way St. Louis Rams quarterback Case Keenum was treated after being knocked senseless. That is simply horrifying.
  • The Dallas Morning News has finally called out "pastor" Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas. How the deacons of that church have not fired him is beyond comprehension. 
  • Game Change and Double Down are great books about politics. It explains how some people never see what is coming. 
  • Sports: When the pre-season AP poll came out there were six SEC teams included in it which are no longer even ranked in the most current poll.
  • An incredible photo of a Russian plane being shot down over Turkey this morning.