Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I've got an elderly gentleman who lives by me and speaks nothing but Russian. Whenever we try to communicate, it is comical. The other day I wrote him a note asking him if he had family or friends that served in World War 2 because I would love to hear about it (his family could interpret.) It was just fun to have him a note he couldn't read with me pointing at my brain and smiling (trying to communicate, "That's something I've thought about for years.")
  • If I'm Mack Brown, I'd be TV analyst over the Texas AD any day of the week and that's a no brainer. Any coach which goes into TV almost never goes back. It's less work, less stress, and the money is great. 
  • The drama in Rhome is really insane. Here's the Facebook page someone asked about. 
  • Here's a photo of a Fed Ex big rig on fire this morning near Terrell.
  • This will now abruptly end because of a phone call I just received. Family related.