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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I've been told I must watch John Oliver's show from last night and his segment about public defenders. 
  • I can't wait to tell someone that they changed the channel with 1:30 left in the Cowboys dramatic game last night. (In her defense, I constantly rant about how I don't care about the Cowboys, and it didn't look like I was even remotely paying attention. That was a funny moment.)
  • Trump packing the AAC tonight is truly amazing. I remember my dad asking me if Obama could win before his first election because most of us thought it was unlikely. But I remember telling him Obama had packed Reunion Arena a couple of months before and that made me believe it was possible.
  • Rick Perry dropped out of the presidential race on Friday. I'll give him credit: He was smart enough to realize he didn't stand a chance and announced it at a time to get as little press coverage as possible.
  • On talk radio, there has been an insane number of references to Periscope over the last couple of months. Of course, my paid-ad-disguise radar went off. I didn't think much of it until I was listening to a Mark Davis podcast from Friday where he and his crew were making their season Cowboy predictions. (Now that's bad radio, by the way.) Anyway, "Producer Rhonda" made her prediction and justified it by saying "Periscope is ... is... uh ... suggesting that [Orlando] Scandrick is coming back in two weeks." That may be the craziest thing said on radio. First, Scandrick has a destroyed knee and is out for the year. Secondly, Periscope is a live video app.  And Mark Davis' reaction was pretty funny. (8:30 mark here if you want to listen.) 
  • Holy cow! This excerpt from the Dallas Morning News article on the Waco Bikers case: "[Sheriff Parnell] McNamara describes the county's criminal justice system as a close-knit Christian 'posse' of Baylor University graduates committed to 'putting away as many hard-core criminals as possible.'" I've said it from the beginning: The arrest of 177 people is going to turn into a disaster for law enforcement and prosecutors. 
  • Sports: (1) TCU beat Stephen F. Austin 70-7. Soft schedule? Nope. The fact they played and won against a (probably) good Minnesota team means they could play Springtown and they won't be criticized. And I understand that. (2) Baylor's backup quarterback is probably better than the starter. But Art Briles has a crazy faithfulness factor.  If there is not a significant difference between Junior and a Freshman, he'll go with the Junior. That loyalty may be the secret to his success. (3) A lot of the guys from the Ticket traveled to Knoxville to see OU vs. Tennessee. I went to a game there once after watching the first quarter of an Alabama game in Tuscaloosa earlier in the day. That spur of the moment decision to do both almost killed me. (4) SMU playing TCU next week will be interesting.
  • We had "rabbit" talk yesterday. From the origination of "when the rabbit got the gun" to the rabbit in Fatal Attraction to the family's failed rabbit experiment. 
  • I've received a second video regarding Rhome (see post below), but it'll take me a while to get it processed and posted.