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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  • Breaking: Charles Manson is dead.  Edit: At least The Ticket just said that but I'm having a hard time confirming it. Double Edit: We have a Monty Python like error. He's not dead yet. 
  • Breaking Sports News: Texas AD Steve Patterson expected to be fired by UT President. (I still haven't read Chip Brown's article on Patterson from a couple on month's back, but when he was hired everyone knew he was pretty much a nut.)
  • The crap I hear some lawyers tell their clients in the Wise County courthouse hallways is amazing. 
  • I had one out-of-town lawyer come up to me last week and say, "Can I ask you a little legal advice?" That made me smile because it was brutally honest admission of "I need a little help here." But he had a basic (and very good) question about how a judge handles certain issues. I was more than happy to help him out. 
  • I've always been a fan of dramas but it's funny how technological advances have quickly made made some past scenes seem silly. Tom Cruise in The Firm moving boxes and boxes of documents so they can be hand copied. Harrison Ford hitting the "PrtSrn" button on a computer as fast as he could in Clear and Present Danger
  • I was talking to a guy yesterday about the details of "Load Left" -- one play in the Texas/Nebraska championship game almost twenty years ago. He remembered more than I did. Still the gutsiest call I've ever seen: 4 and 1 at your own 29 leading 30-27 with 2:39 left. You don't punt it, you don't try to draw them offside, you don't run it, you throw it with this result
  • Man, those New York papers are brutal: Look what they did to Eli Manning after the loss to the Cowboys. 
  • I actually made a lady spit out her drink last week when I told her, "I want to be cremated and shot our of a cannon from the Wise County bell tower. But with glitter added." (That was a joke I made probably two years ago, but I'm leaning towards actually doing it now. Anyone who showed up to watch would know I'd be smiling at that moment.)
  • I think I see a demographic pattern in the photo below.