Random Wednesday Morning Thought

  • Third Ebola diagnosis!!! Panic! Everyone panic!
  • There was actually a Facebook rumor going around yesterday that an entire Texas town had been quarantined. How dumb can you be to spread that story? 
  • Things you need to fear more than Ebola: Cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, the flu, enterovirus D68, car wrecks, snakes, fire, a sniper, carbon monoxide, high blood pressure, and depression. And that's off the top of my head when I'm still half asleep. 
  • Wasn't there going to be some indoor snow skiing complex open up around Alliance Airport?
  • There's a criminal trial going on in Wise County right now where someone is accused of possessing a "trace" of methamphetamine. That's less that 1/100 of a gram according to DPS. In other words, if you cut up a Sweet N Low packet into 100 equal parts, the defendant is accused of possessing less than one of those parts. And the purity of that less than 1/100 part wasn't even tested. Your tax dollars at work.
  • I went back and rewatched the fourth quarter of the TCU/Baylor game: (1) Amazing, (2) That was probably pass interference on Baylor on 4th down, (3) That probably wasn't pass interference on TCU on the final Baylor drive, (4) I never thought I'd see the day Gary Patterson gave up on his defense. (5) That crowd had to be the whitest in the country for the season. 
  • The BagOfNothing guy lives by Dallas Cowboys' Doug Free. As much as I don't care about the NFL, I'd pepper that guy with questions at every opportunity. He'd eventually end up hiding out from me. 
  • That Paradise Model has become active online again.
  • Junior In The House: "I learned something about parents! They spend half their time telling their kids what they do wrong, and the other half telling others how wonderful their kids are when we aren't around!" Lot of truth in that. 
  • Junior In The House: "Hey, name the four person rock band that doesn't sing!!" (Me looking at her in confusion.) Her: "Mount Rushmore!" (Me: Looking at her in more confusion.) Her: "Oh, wait! I meant four person rock group." (Me: Head shaking.)
  • We've still got (and are keeping) the Maltese that I found while jogging over a month ago. I saved her life but she follows Mrs. LL around everywhere she goes. 
  • "A 55-year-old Springtown grandmother was sentenced Monday to 10 years of probation after pleading guilty to murder in the fatal beating of her 15-month-old niece more than 32 years ago." I have a million questions about this. 
  • Shout out to the guy who told me about the "Fallingwater" house in Pennsylvania and the George Washington battlefield. I'm going to try and pull both of those trips off on Friday. (I'm taking a long awaited football trip.)
  • I bought gas at $2.89 a gallon this morning. I'm sending a letter to President Obama to thank him. 
  • I heard a rumor that a Wise County resident showed up at the Fort Worth Court of Appeals yesterday to present a petition to the court in the Terry Ross case before oral arguments. Hoss, appellate arguments are a little more nuanced than Judge Judy.
  • That underwear that the Cowboys' Joseph Randle was accused of stealing was a two pack valued at $40. I think I speak for all men when I say, "Am I wearing cheap underwear?"