Random Friday Morning Thoughts On An iPsd In Pittsburgh

  • Arrived yesterday afternoon  The airport has a pretty amateurish statue of Franco Harris' Immaculate Reception.
  • Flying is exciting and a beating. But for the first time in years the American Ailines flight attendants didn't act like they were all going through a bitter divorce.
  • Renting a car should be easier especially when you do everything online beforehand.
  • I decided to immediately "run" over to the NFL Hall of Fame  Google Maps hates me because I think I took every backroad in southern Ohio.  Then again, this part of the country seems to hate the freeway. And signs. 
  • But the leaves are turning and I saw some incredible country. Just beautiful.
  • I think I drove by Kent State  (4 dead in Ohio).
  • And by the way, the news up here is all Ebola all the time. Dallas is getting lots of attention.
  • The NFL Hall was impressive. At least the one room with all of the busts was. That's one thing they didn't cheese up. But, in true NFL fashion, the place had a gigantic gift shop.
  • I got back to Pittsburgh after dark so I haven't seen how downtown looks in the light. But at night it looked fantastic. Downtown was packed with pedestrians on what looked like a classy Sixth Street.
  • I hate driving in a crowded area and everyone knows every highway and byway except me. 
  • I'm staying on the North Shore and was in quick walking distance to Heinz Field for the Pitt/Va Tech game. I figured the stadium would be almost empty (interest was so low that mt ticket cost $19 on stubhub).  But it was a good and rowdy crowd. 
  • A guy in the hotel lobby was describing the game to someone else with a lot of intensity. "What was the final score?" Reply: "I don't know. I left early". (Insert my head shaking). That game wasn't over until the last seconds. 
  • This appears to be walking town and I'll do that this morning. I'm not sure I'm up to another long day sitting. 
  • Baylor/West Virginia tomorrow with an early start. That has trouble written all over it.
  • My stomach has hurt all week. Could it be .... (Dah dum)