Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Highland Park guy who has the Ebola themed Halloween decorations seems a bit off. When the cameras show up and he goes outside in a hazmat suit to get on camera, we aren't dealing with a normal guy. And I don't mind bits, but that one seems to be lacking clever execution. 
  • Someone pointed out that I incorrectly referred to the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the NFL Hall of Fame. Interesting. For all intents and purposes it is the NFL Hall of Fame or folks like Herschel Walker, who had gaudy USFL numbers, would be in it. 
  • Typical of Dallas DA Craig Watkins: Seize a Porsche, tell commissioners it will be used in undercover drug buys, let it sit on  the roof of the courthouse parking garage for month, it gets towed, and then some snooty assistant DA threatens the towing company with a grand jury investigation. 
  • 90 degrees on Saturday? Oh, come on. 
  • Sports: (1) Notre Dame isn't going to put up with one of its freshmen wide receiver taking an in-bed selfie with a porn star will they? (2) I watched the one hour replay of OU/KSU on Fox Sports Southwest. I heard OU should have won but I had no idea it was that crazy. (3) The NBA starts next week. Eight. Long. Boring. Months. (4) Yeah, sure, NFL players get rich. There are 256 players on practice squads. If they are lucky enough to stay on it all year, the earn $102,000. That salary can be covered if one in every eight persons buys one beer at Cowboys Stadium during one home game. ($8.50 x 12,000)
  • There is a fantastic "political cartoon" concerning the shooting of the Canadian soldier who was guarding Ottawa's National War Memorial on Wednesday. 
  • That new Northwest Eaton High School along 287 is going to be huge. 
  • I've been trying to figure out the new design of the 287/Business 287 exchange south of Decatur. I think I finally know. That's a heck of a project that is ongoing. (And, man, the cops have been making a killing off enforcing the 55 mph construction zone.)
  • For the record, I said a year ago that there is no way Wendy Davis can win. Even her margin of defeat might be misleading as an indicator of the GOP/Dem gap in Texas because she is such a lightning rod. 
  • I can always tell when Mrs. LL uses my toothpaste because she squeezes it in the middle. 
  • Ebola and the New York tabloids were made for each other . . .