Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There's someone being prosecuted for the unauthorized practice of law in Tarrant County. At first, I thought it was odd since it seems like a case which should be able to be resolved without a trial. Then I learned the defendant is a disbarred Dallas municipal judge who has gone to jail before for stealing clients' money. 
  • The only people that have contracted Ebola on U.S. soil are the two nurses and they are going to survive. What was all the fuss about?
  • If you're a fan of the C.J. Wilson brag, you've got to read what he had to say about picking up a new car in Dallas. 
  • The Star-Telegram has a story of a Keller girl who died "after taking Ecstasy" at the Austin City Limits Festival last month.  Yet toxicology tests are still pending. Big prediction: MDMA didn't kill her. Pure MDMA isn't going to kill anyone. There will be something else found to be in that pill. 
  • Texas mega-lawyer and Aggie Tom Buzbee claims he was defrauded out of an investment of $1.5 million in a "dance film" which was to star either Justin Timberlake or Ryan Gosling. The article reads like he was told the total cost of the film would be $3 million. If that's the representation that was made and he believed it, the man may be a great lawyer but he is clueless about what it costs to make a movie. 
  • The Brian King who eluded deputies yesterday in Chico is listed on the Wise County Sheriff's Office website as being 5'9" and 200 pounds. 
  • The radio told me this morning that the nine lowest rated World Series have been the last nine. Baseball will survive into the future but I don't understand how. 
  • If the Renee Zellweger story interested you yesterday, look at this comparison.
  • New Family Pup #2 is horrified by loud noises. Blender. Vacuum cleaner. Anything like that. It makes her take off and shake like there's no tomorrow. Any idea what could be in her past that causes a reaction like that or is that just natural for some dogs?
  • "All Around Cowboy" current standings: 1. Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas $259,262. 2. Tuf Cooper, Decatur, Texas $158,537. 3. Clint Robinson, Spanish Fork, Utah $88,683. I don't know why Decatur doesn't market itself as the "Cowboy Capitol of America." 
  • I heard on the radio yesterday that the very spare Florida Georgia Line band cancelled a fan "meet and greet" in Dallas because of Ebola. I can't find anything about that online.
  • For some reason, Baylor's school newspaper allowed a sports columnist to write about Muslims. Many were not pleased with his anti-Muslim generalization. 
  • "Michael Brown, the 18-year-old black man whose fatal shooting by a white police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson in August touched off weeks of racially-charged rioting, had marijuana in his system, was initially shot at close range and does not appear to have been killed while running away, according to experts who reviewed the official autopsy and toxicology report." - And that's breaking news from Fox News.