Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Those Jack in the Box "munchie meal" commercials depict stoned people (including Jack) with the munchies, don't they? Those things have apparently been running for over a year, but I just saw one for the first time yesterday. 
  • I'm kind of surprised at the Jessie Ventura/Chris Kyle verdict, but I'm not sure why. Kyle was widely know to have a problem with the truth. And if you watch him tell the story of knocking Ventura down (I saw an old replay with Bill O'Reilly and with local Fox 4 News last night), he just looks and acts like he was lying. 
  • And I was always bugged about the concept of Kyle promoting himself for killing people with a rifle from a distance. And I wonder how much of what he said is even true. 
  • Fox News "legal analyst" bimbos Kimberly Guioyle and Lis Wiehl are beyond stupid. (And you never hear me call someone stupid. It's a harsh and ugly term and that's why I don't use it.) However, they make Judge Judy look like she could make law review. Nevertheless, they do love to show cleavage which is enough to get you on prime time on that channel.
  • Weird: That wonderfully named Highland Park failed Texas House candidate, Chart Westcott, had a campaign letter go out last week where Troy Aikman implored voters to support him and send him money. The election is long since over. Westcott says it was an "error".
  • Fred Thompson has gone from actor to Republican candidate/presidential savior (in one of the worst campaigns ever) to "Reverse Mortgage" king.
  • Who's the odd guy in the comments who keeps challenging me on whether Cleveland Brown Josh Gordon, as I have said, might be the best receiver in the NFL? Gordon missed the first two games last year and still lead the NFL in receiving yards with 1646 yards (for an 18.9 average and nine TDs.) How can you deny that? That's not exactly sports rocket science I'm throwing out there. (And his suspension for weed might be in question.)
  • I had a faithful reader locate and send me a joint selfie of herself an Crazy Texas Mommy who was found in the wild (i.e. working). Made me smile. 
  • They held Tony Romo out of practice again yesterday? Is the over/under on wins still at eight? Has Vegas moved it to 7.5 or 7 yet? 
  • We have a very politically active teenager staying with us this week who, out of the blue last night, asked me last night if marijuana should be legalized. I don't think I've ever paused so long before I gave an answer that was the equivalent of tiptoeing through a minefield. 
  • Every news story I see about the Ebola outbreak reminds me of, well, the movie Outbreak.
  • I haven't said anything about ESPN's Stephen A. Smith's don't-provoke-a-man controversy because his initial comment was so full of convoluted logic and self righteousness that I could hardly make sense of it. I suspect there are many, many men who have had women in their lives who only wanted to provoke them into a confrontation. You don't hit them. You get rid of them. 
  • The current immigration debate is mind numbing. We stole the land from the native Americans. We rebelled against Britain to steal it from them. Texas and the South tried to steal the lower half of the country from the United States. But we go ape crazy over people who want to come here in order to just become the working poor? Folks, our lifetime is nothing more than a blink of an eye in the history of man. Relax. Somehow, I think we'll all make it.
  • The Mark Davis Show had a caller yesterday from "Adam in Bridgeport" who said Bridgeport schools will from time to time have a "Spanish language only" day. Davis didn't believe him. I didn't either. That's not right, is it?