Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Orlando Bloom took a swing at Justin Bieber? Had he connected, I would have a new hero. (Funny tweet: "BREAKING:  NFL to suspend Orlando Bloom for 2 weeks after striking defenseless woman Justin Bieber in the face.")
  • "A 28-year-old Bowie man was found dead in his cell at the Montague County Jail Tuesday afternoon." That's all the info I've got. But it certainly needs to be investigated. Thoroughly. 
  • Also scant info: Greenville, Texas lawyer faces murder charge for allegedly killing someone who just happens to be African American. 
  • "McDonald’s Ordered To Pay $27 Million For [Texas] Teens’ Deaths." Idiocracy.
  • There's something very weird about Tony Romo's back, and I think it's a big deal. He should be 100% healed from his surgery and he's not.  Keep an eye on that story. 
  • Offensive tackle Tyron Smith signed an eight year extension for $110 million with $40 million guaranteed and a $10 million signing bonus. If he's the next Larry Allen (and he might very well be), he will be considered to be grossly underpaid before it is all said and done. 
  • I like silly things. I like campy things. I had no interest in Sharknado 2
  • If I had to write down all the phone numbers I had memorized, it would be a shockingly short list. 
  • A former Bridgeport classmate of mine is in the obits in the Update today. Freaks me out. And it reminds me that we should live while we can instead of putting up with tension and unhappiness and noise. 
  • I roamed around the backyard last evening and noticed a ton of holes in the ground everywhere. The pig!
  • I'm not sure how it works, but something went horribly wrong with the bar exam this week and some type of online submission software. A ton of essays were simply lost. That would put me over the edge. 
  • Why do I listen to conservative radio or turn on Fox News? Why would I want to live in an echo chamber? Why would I be scared of different ideas?
  • No movie gets more free publicity on The Ticket than Boyhood. And I want to see it. 
  • Israel continues to have no problem with killing kids . . .