Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • OK you HVAC experts, my unit, which is about five years old and has always worked like a charm, has tripped the breaker for the last three days in a row. Is that an A/C issue? A breaker box issue? Something else?
  • Yesterday I was on the verge of posting the video of a little girl who "came to life" in the Philippines during her funeral -- a story which has since gone somewhat mainstream -- until I read she had since been declared dead again. Frankly, I'm not so sure she was ever revived. I bet there will be lots of backtracking on this story today. 
  • Bridgeport ISD's school board voted not to renew the superintendent's contract for "another year". But he still has three years remaining on his current deal. Do votes like that always take place so far in advance? Do superintendents like that so at least they have a warning about their future? Doesn't it create a lame duck and an uncomfortable situation? And isn't there always the chance that elections during the next three years could revamp the school board into a group that will then vote to extend him? 
  • A hot mic caught ESPN's Chris Berman debating whether to stand during a "Stand Up 2 Cancer" moment at the (horrible) Home Run Derby last night. We also get to hear him grunt trying to get that body on two legs, and also get to hear him wonder if the cameras will be able to catch his tribute. 
  • FBC of Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress thinks that we need a stronger border, but didn't spend any time talking about carrying for poor and needy children in his appearance on (sheesh) Fox and Friends. Another pastor in Dallas took him to task and also nicknamed him "Pastor Downtown." Funny.
  • "30 years ago today an accident put me in a wheelchair." - Greg Abbott yesterday. Accident? He sued for millions about an incident he now refers to as an "accident"? 
  • I think I figured out what bugs me about Fox 4's Clarice Tinsley: After a reporter on remote throws it back to her, she always has to throw out some mundane comment. (i.e. "Thanks, Lara. That was inspiring." "Thanks, Todd. We'll all can learn something from that little girl.")
  • SMU basketball lost a prized incoming freshman yesterday who shockingly decided he wanted to play overseas for a year and then go to the NBA. Some think their might be academic issues or amateur status issues. Why? He's a product of Prime Prep Academy. Prime Time. Prime Time. 
  • The Senate is considering legislation which would basically trump and repeal any state law restricting abortion (sonograms, waiting periods, clinic regulation.) I'm surprised they've waited so long because they probably have that power under the Commerce Clause and any federal law would trump state law. But practically speaking, the Democrats would need the House to get that thing passed so it's probably just a time waste. 
  • After checking the radar and thinking that the storms were over yesterday, I proclaimed to the Sixth Grader In The House that "Rain can't touch me!" and then took off jogging. Five minutes later I was caught in a soaker.