Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Per Channel 4, Sanger received 11.3 inches of rain last night (shutting down parts of I-35 this morning.) And, they claim, Decatur received 7.4. And Fort Worth and Dallas received nothing. How weird. 
  • More accuracy of the Israeli missiles: Four dead kids on a Gaza beach.
  • "If there were 2,000 puppies on the border that needed temporary homes, I wonder what our reaction in Dallas would be." - Tim Rogers of D Magazine.
  • College football next year: On the same day, 9/3/2016, we have Alabama vs. USC in Arlington, UCLA at Texas A&M and Notre Dame at Texas. Wow.
  • I was walking around the block last night and exchange greetings with a couple of kids as they got in their car. Less than a minute later and less than 200 yards away they pulled out in front of another vehicle and a wreck occurred. No injuries, but that sound of screeching tires and metal colliding is one of the worst sounds ever. 
  • A Longview chiropractor went on a diving trip off the coast of Florida and didn't return to the boat. They believe a shark got him. 
  • I watched a little of the EPSY's last night hosted by Drake. Is that guy supposed to be cool? Musicians shouldn't try to be comedians. Comedians shouldn't try to be musicians. 
  • President Obama plans a 16-day Martha's Vineyard vacation on a $12 million, 10-acre forested estate. (I smile just thinking of the reaction out there.)
  • That first surveillance photo of a guy that Decatur PD is looking for looks like some type of art work. That's beautifully done. 
  • The Family Pig is still well behaved. I hadn't planned on this. Figured he'd be gone by now. 
  • "The Christian Wrestling Federation will be at Movement Church in Rhome (1194 CR 4651) at 10 a.m. Sunday." Almost seems like a headline out of The Onion.
  • Ron Howard will direct a Beatles documentaries about their touring years. Yes, please.
  • Funny: An Arizona Congressman raced to the scene of an incoming bus of migrant children to protest and tweeted that accepting them was not compassionate because he saw the "fear" on their faces. Turns out it was just a regular school bus of local kids heading to a YMCA camp.